By the year 2025, one in two children will be diagnosed with Autism, we need to come together and find solutions to deal with it - Dr. Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy

Dr. Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy, Consultant and Expert in Applied Energy Medicine talks about Autism with a fresh perspective and stresses the need for self-reflection as a society to get answers about fundamental aspects of life and our responsibilities towards the future generations.

Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitious behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. While the disorder is not rare, a multitude of people with autism in India have not been diagnosed and more critically do not receive the services they need. Research shows that early intervention leads to positive outcomes later in life for people with autism. On the occasion of World Autism Day, we are speaking to eminent pediatric neurologists, speech therapists, clinical psychologists, and autism experts to build awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Dr. Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy is a Consultant and Expert in Applied Energy Medicine with more than 20 years of experience in Remote Healing and Remote Sensing. She is a Healer to Celebrities such as Superstar Rajinikanth, Padmashri, Padmabhushan Awardees, and Medical Specialists. She is continuing her successful Journey In Healing Autism in people throughout the world, with authentic Autism Solutions through her Intent Healing(TM) Method. She is the author of How To Heal Autism In 30 Days, Pioneer - Intent Healing(TM) Remote Healing Method, Radio Show Host, Founder, Heal Autism Now Foundation, Director, Eternal Creations - The Art of Enlightened Creative Living, Director - RaaGaa Value Add Technologies (P) Ltd, Regional Representative And Country Contact- IONS in India.

Autism Solutions App

Dr. Rajalakshmi mentions, “We have our autism solutions app that you can download on the iPhone and, Apple devices. I've described autism there which goes as - Autism is an Energy-Sensitive state of being. At the lower frequencies, the limiting symptoms dominate and at the highest frequencies, the gifts and talents bloom. This is the definition of autism. Learn to stay in the higher frequency and thrive with joy in autism. 

She further states, “Signs and symptoms are all given in the app which will make it easier for people to understand. We can understand autism through categories, for example:

  • Nonverbal Autism - they will have difficulties in communication, maybe they will not even be able to speak
  • Seizures – They could even be on medication for that
  • Picky eaters – They are unable to digest certain foods, a lack of appetite or just being obstinate about not wanting to eat 
  • Developmental delay - this would include cognitive dysfunction as well
  • PDD-NOS - pervasive developmental disorder
  • Autism with ADHD - This is quite common along with autism 
  • Asperger’s - This is the high end of the spectrum, meaning they could be highly focused, that's one of the gifts that these autistic beings have. What these children focus on are their genius abilities. In Hollywood, they are employing people with autism because of their ability to be able to focus, says Dr. Rajalakshmi.

There are several reasons for autism but stress is the primary one

Dr. Rajalakshmi mentions, "The age at which people are becoming parents or planning to have a child is a little delayed these days. Couples tend to put off having a child due to many reasons like financial independence etc. or nowadays many of them are delaying pregnancy due to covid. So the older age of parents is one of the causes as identified by specialists. As per me, the primary reason is stress in mothers which is of many kinds both on the personal and professional front. Some other significant reasons for autism are very simple - energy sensitivity and lack of a sense of boundaries. Such children don't know where their boundaries end and other people's boundaries begin. So, most of the time, they will be reflecting the stress of the people around them. And that is what manifests as symptoms. So, they reflect on whatever is happening around their environment. If there is stress and unrest, they reflect that in their behaviors.”

Strategies to control self-destructiveness in autistic children

Dr. Rajalakshmi suggests, “We need to create balance and harmony in pregnant mothers and empower them with awareness so that the stress does not enter the child who is growing in the womb and thus cases of autism can be controlled. Also, the energy assessment of autistic children is required to understand who in their environment for example parents or caregivers are disturbing the energies around them. People around them should be in balance and harmony so that all the energy around them helps them in their growth instead of leading them to self-destructive behaviors. So, the need is to channelize the energy of such children positively so that there is positive growth. Allow the child to grow by providing stability of energy. It starts with the parents,” says Dr. Rajalakshmi.

Time for self-reflection as a society

Dr. Rajalakshmi mentions, “We can use this COVID situation as a gift from God literally because we have time on our hands. You can use this time to go within and ask the fundamental questions which will never change and remain the same in millions of years irrespective of age, gender, or nationality. The fundamental questions are - Who am I? What is my purpose on this planet, especially now? How am I going to contribute to the earth? What about my children, their children, what are we leaving for this planet? COVID situation is an excellent opportunity for all of us to go to the basics. Actually, now if you see it in a way, it is erasing all barriers and boundaries and discrimination. As predicted by the year 2025, one in two children will be diagnosed with autism. it's a collective human responsibility of our current times. As they say it takes a village to grow a child. The whole universe, the whole world is connected now so we need to integrate our efforts and stop living in a fragmented manner and nurture talents in children. Like COVID, there is no vaccine for autism. It's not a disease, it's a condition. You have to deal with it, you cannot run away from it. So now that we are at the crossroads, this is the time for all of us to come together and find solutions to a peaceful, balanced life.”

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Contributed By: Dr. Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy, Consultant and Expert, Applied Energy Medicine
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