Dr. Santosh Joshi, Classical Homeopath describes the Role of Homeopathy in treating children with Autism

“Acceptance is the best therapy. Parents have to accept the truth. They should not deny it. Early intervention is the key for treating Autism. The early you accept, the better is for the child. Family can start therapies at an early stage to help the child,” shares Dr. Santosh Joshi, Classical Homeopath and Entrepreneur

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech, and nonverbal communication. While the disorder is not rare, a multitude of people with Autism in India have not been diagnosed and more particularly do not receive the services they need. Research shows that early intervention leads to positive outcomes later in life for people with autism. At Medicircle, we are presenting World Autism Day Awareness Series wherein we are speaking to eminent Pediatric Neurologists, Speech Therapists, Clinical Psychologists, and Autism Experts to build awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Dr. Santosh Joshi is a Classical Homeopath and an Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Dr. Joshi’s Center for Autism, which works in the area of homeopathic treatment for Autism. Dr. Joshi is working in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder for the past 12 years and is an ardent promoter of early intervention, the role of homeopathy diet and therapy being treating autism.

Children with autism show red flags

Dr. Santosh speaks, “Autism Spectrum Disorder is increasing at a very fast rate and to provide services is a huge task in itself. When the child is in between 18-24 months, they start showing signs and symptoms like - not talking or not getting friendly, there is no eye contact, no social involvement or exchange of a social smile, the child is hyperactive (they can’t be at one place), flapping their hands, toe walking or wants a specific food to eat, etc. These symptoms are called red flags. These are some of the alarming signs which convey that the child should be taken to Pediatric Neurologist for assessment of autism.”

Assessment of child is the first step towards diagnosis

Dr. Santosh mentions, “The first step towards a diagnosis of Autism is the assessment of child as per Pediatric Neurologist. During the assessment, the child is assessed for autistic signs, how much autism the child has. Various assessment scales are available where a child is validated on his behavioral observation - 

ISAA – Indian Scale for Assessment of Autism (especially for Indian child)

CARS – Childhood Autism Rating Scale (International)

DSM5 – contains a checklist for autism signs and symptoms

Non-invasive testing”

Acceptance is the best therapy in Autism

Dr. Santosh informs, “Acceptance is the best therapy. Parents have to accept the truth as soon as possible. Parents should not deny it. The early you accept, the better is for the child. Early intervention is the key to treat Autism. So that family can start therapies at an early stage to help the child. Normally by 6 years of age, 90% of brain development completes, which is called a golden period. One should not miss this period and should consult the doctor as soon as they find red flags in their child.”

Autism is rapidly increasing in India

Dr. Santosh shares, “Unfortunately, Medical Science can’t find out the reason behind Autism yet there are many hypotheses attached to this. Previously, we were getting patients from outside the country but now as it is prevailing in our country, we are getting more and more patients from India too. Consuming junk food, increasing pesticides, women having alcohol, cigarettes are very common these days. Substances abuse is also there. Decades ago, it was taboo to talk on this. We are aligning towards western culture.” 

Dr. Santosh stresses, “We don’t know the reason for Autism but at least we know what not to do for a normal healthy pregnancy. We can advise the couples who are planning to conceive to follow old culture, to see good, listen good, talk good, exercise, yoga, to be more focused during the pregnancy period, and it does show promising effect, healthy development of a fetus.”

Dr. Joshi’s Center for Autism

Dr. Santosh expresses, “Our aim is to be one stop solution for all queries related to Autism. The rural society of India has many problems. In rural cities, many times child doesn’t get diagnosed and if at all it gets diagnosed there is no proper treatment, doctors available.  We can’t provide trained therapists to the rural cities, even urban cities like Mumbai are lacking therapists. It is not a disease but a condition. Autistic children do have some talents. If we channelize their energy, even they can perform well in their life. We want to bring out the best in children suffering from Autism. During lockdown, we have started online services. Children in rural areas and more interiors who are devoid of getting therapy are able to receive homeopathy medicine through various logistics. Thus, we are able to cater to this segment of rural category. And then we incorporated technology. Now we have a robust system to easily cater urban as well as rural areas.”

Role of Homeopathy in treating Autism

Dr. Santosh explains, “Homeopathic medicines have help in cognitive skills or comprehensive skills development in the child. Various medicines in homeopathy are able to help the child to comprehend more. Children with hyperactive behavior can’t sit in one place, so how they will do therapy, so by giving homeopathy medicine, the child calms down and is able to perform sessions better. It is a time-consuming process, to understand the child and to deal with the child. It is not like a normal practice, it’s a very challenging situation because the whole family is involved and there are a lot of complex psychological things happening in the family. Co-Founder, Varsha Joshi, Nutritionist helps with the nutritional diet of the child’s.”

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Contributed By: Dr. Santosh Joshi, Classical Homeopath and Entrepreneur
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