The real science behind homeopathy revealed by Dr. Amit Vora, A Eminent Homeopathy Healer

Dr. Amit Vora gives in-depth knowledge about homeopathy and its positive benefits for pregnant mothers and young kids. With his rich experience in homeopathy, he has treated many cases with exceptional success rates.

Homeopathy is a branch of medical science which deals with natural and safe effective medicines. Homeopathy works from the root cause and cures at its best to stop the occurrence of the disease. Homeopathy is different from the conventional mode of treatment which is completely natural. If you are suffering from long-term chronic disease, homeopathy can be a beat resort. We, at Medicircle, are conducting and spreading awareness about the benefits of homeopathy by interviewing eminent homeopathic doctors on the occasion of World Homeopathy Day.

Dr.Amit Vora is a young and dynamic doctor who has treated cases ranging from thyroid, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, allergies, gynecological complaints, hormonal problems, joint problems, backache, and many more with homeopathy. Dr.Vora is a regular speaker at many medical conferences and has presented many articles in various homeopathic journals. Dr.Amit Vora is also the secretary of the Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians Mumbai towards a continued medical education and research and development in Homeopathy. He also serves as a course coordinator for Hahnemann College of Homeopathy London’s reputed post-graduate course in Homeopathy PG HOM(LONDON).

Homeopathy focuses on the causative factor of the disease. 

Dr. Amit Vora says, “World Homeopathy Day is observed on 10 th April 2021 which is the birth anniversary of the founder of Dr. Samuel Hahenemann. Conventional line of medicine treats the symptoms of gastric problems, allergies, headache, or acidity. Homeopathy does not treat only symptoms. It treats the causative factor of the disease. The reason could be immunity to any defects in the system. Homeopathy focuses on the reason behind the disease. It works locally as well as holistically on an individual. It has double action in treating the disease. The medicines in homeopathy are administered after understanding the system in depth.” 

Detailed case consultation is a must to know the root cause of the disease

Dr.Amit informs, “Every person is different and unique. Everyone has a different kind of system in the body. One medicine cannot be given to each and every person. In allopathy, one medicine for cold works for everybody. Homeopathy works differently focussing on the causative factor and works for the root cause. Our case consultation works for 1 hour to take a detailed case history right from birth, childhood, appetite, nature, etc. After taking all these things into consideration, one medicine is prescribed in homeopathy which works from the root cause. 

Homeopathy works holistically on mind and body

Dr.Amit informs, “Homeopathy works holistically on the center of the immunity system. Regardless of any disease, whether related to children to elderly age group works for all. Diseases are divided into two types :

The acute or short term disease Chronic and long-standing diseases respond well”

Homeopathy is safe for children 

Dr.Amit states, “Homeopathy is safe and better for children. Many children throw tantrums while taking medication and it has to be given forcefully. While with homeopathy, children like to take homeopathy medicine happily. Consuming antibiotics at a young age for children is not healthy. Pediatricians also promote that homeopathy is safe for children and young infants should not be given allopathy. Allopathy medicines like antibiotics and anti-allergic medicines cause a negative impact on the future health of a child. It affects their immune system in the future. Homeopathy helps to fight many diseases naturally with a healthy immune system. We have treated a baby 28 days old as well with homeopathy.”

Homeopathy is safe during pregnancy

Dr. Amit says, “Homeopathy is the safest medicine in pregnancy. During pregnancy antibiotics, painkillers, and antacids are generally avoided. Pregnancy is an important stage in a woman's life. Many women experience a problem during pregnancy like:

Sleeplessness Constipation  Acidity  Gastric disturbance  Fissures

So, for all these problems homeopathy can be taken safely during pregnancy with any side effects for baby and mother. Complicated cases of pregnancy Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR) can also be helped with homeopathy.” says Dr.Amit 

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)


Contributed by Dr.Amit Vora, Homeopathic Doctor 
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