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Medicircle.in is dedicated to covering Healthcare technology business, and is launched by caresoft Foundation.

Medicircle.in is a media asset dedicated to covering Healthcare technology business, trends, news and views under four main heads – Healthcare Business Technology, Healthcare Information Technology, Internet & Mobile. The site’s target audience will be mainly healthcare professionals from Heathcare Companies, Hospitals , Research Centres, Healthcare  startups, investors, entrepreneurs and even a layman who is interested in knowing how the technology world is shaping the globe and its impact on India.

The website also has a daily newsletter.

The website and the newsletter are an ideal media tools to reach out to India’s influential tech audience.

The Team

Editor & Publisher
Prashant Kumar (prashant@medicircle.in)

The Medicircle Editorial Team

Smita P Kumar (smita@medicircle.in) – Executive Editor
Rupa Das (rupa@medicircle.in) – Associate Editor
Harshad Utekar(harshad@medicircle.in) – Senior Correspondent
Ishani Dutta (isani@medicircle.in) – Senior Correspondent


Sales & Marketing

Navin Chandran (navin@medicircle.in) – Director Sales & Marketing


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B-43 , 103 , Sector -1 , Shanti Nagar
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Tel: 022-28115573