10X Diabetes Care with OneCare

Read to know how OneCare is striving to provide comprehensive diabetes care solutions.

With an estimated 70 million people having diabetes by 2030, the title India wears of being the ‘Diabetes Capital‘ is not going to go anywhere any soon. Statistically, 20% of Indians between ages 20 and 35 and 40% of Indians above the age of 60 are without question going to suffer from type 2 diabetes. The rise in the number of cases comes with an increase in improper diabetes care. Around 50% of people fail to manage their glycemic goals.

Unfortunately, the Indian way to treat diabetes is by prescribing medicines or giving insulin. There is no comprehensive care that will help diabetic patients get treated. To bridge this gap in giving quality care to diabetics, Dr Rakesh Shivran and Sagar Bhat founded OneCare in 2021. The former was initially with Practo while the latter was part of Ola. They wanted to turn the current way of diabetes treatment into a technology-based, clinical way of managing lifestyle and behaviour. 

OneCare is a full-stack care model that will help patients reduce their blood glucose levels and hence get over their dependence on medicines and insulin. Their app helps people build a personalised lifestyle plan and get access to a personnel dietician. It also comes with the feature of tracking their growth and participating in community challenges.

In November 2021, the startup has raised around $1 million in its pre-Seed funding round led by Better capital and Multiply Ventures.

A host of angel investors too contributed to this round Kunah Shah (Founder of CRED), Shashank ND (Co-founder of Practo), Ankit Bhati (Co-founder of Ola), Anand Shah (Co-founder of Ola Electric), Saikiran Krishnamurthy (Founder of xto10x), Zishaan Hayath (Founder of Toppr), Farooq Adam (Co-founder of Fynd), Gaurang Jhunjhunuwala (Partner at McKinsey), Nikhil Bhandarkar (Founder of Panthera, Peak Ventures), Shariq Plasticwala (Founder of, Kafqa Academy), Jonathan Chan (Chief of Staff at Freetrade) Amit Ghorawat (Co-founder of Bicycle.Ai), Dinesh Advani (Co-founder of Playshifu) and Aditya Kulkarni (Co-founder, Stoa School).

The current health-tech space is valued at $5 billion and is estimated to reach $50 billion in a decade. It is growing at a CAGR of 39% and is filled with competition from diabetes startups Twin Health, Diabeto, Zyla, Sugar.fit and many more. Will OneCare be able to give their promised 10x care for diabetic patients to millions of Indians? 

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