About Us

It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change. These are very exciting times for the healthcare industry with a whole new way of dealing with the healthcare demands of the people. We at Medicircle love to keep a keen eye on the emerging medical technology, the latest R&D, and Movers and Shakers in the healthcare industry with the purpose of showcasing everything that is extraordinary and being responsive to change ourselves by adopting the latest strategies of creating informative stories for you.

 The healthcare industry has been ever-evolving and setting fresh benchmarks. The Medicircle Team works with the passion to highlight insights from healthcare practitioners,  innovators, trailblazers, and entrepreneurs and brings forward the latest vogue in the world’s healthcare ecosystem along with funding and resource reviews. We also present authentic portrayals of significant accomplishments of doctors as well as a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses that deserves to be portrayed spread across diverse geographical locations.

 We at Medicircle cherish the most wonderful gift that people get from God – Their Health. The media company works as a bridge between the healthcare professionals and the people at large who are always in need of genuine healthcare information for themselves or their loved ones. Medicircle makes it possible for people to not just believe in hearsay, rather on guidance and opinions that it brings in forms of videos and texts directly from the medical experts who are based all over the country and also globally.

 As expressed by leading doctors and biggest change-makers whose videos feature here; they find immense satisfaction in being able to use this platform for serving fellow human beings by their expert opinions and reaching so many people at one go which otherwise is impossible. Through Medicircle they have been experiencing occupational and business growth. We have been associated with well-known names and hallmarks in the healthcare segment. The healthcare entrepreneurs who have got featured in our stories have got immensely benefited in reaching the right market through our superbly created and curated content.

 The journey of Medicircle began with the socially-conscious couple Smita and Prassant Kumar who aimed to make the company the Voice of Healthcare on the online platform. They come with a combined experience of 30+years in the healthcare domain and have been successful in giving voice to all the stakeholders of the healthcare industry – be it Doctors, Healthcare startups and Investors, Healthcare Professionals, and Government.

 We have published more than 6000+ stories and we reach more than 6 million people from India, US, Canada, and UAE every month. The Medicircle Team works with the sole goal to inspire and empower our viewers and readers and enlighten their lives in meaningful ways. The Medicircle Team predominantly operates from Mumbai, Maharashtra but has its presence all over the country with a dedicated workforce working in English and 5 Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi, Tamil,  and Bangla.