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Groundbreaking Discovery in Cancer Research: Over 5,000 Genetic Variations Identified

The comprehensive data is freely available, allowing doctors to use it for patient diagnosis and treatment selection. This means more accurate interpretation of genetic tests, earlier diagnoses, and improved outcomes ..

June 2024: The Hottest Month on Record and What It Means for Our Planet

The climate crisis requires immediate and sustained efforts to transition to renewable energy sources, improve energy efficiency, and adopt sustainable practices across all sectors of society...

The Role of Platelets and Monocytes: New Research Insights

The study has uncovered a new mechanism in the body's immune defense system, highlighting the critical role of platelets in enhancing the inflammatory capabilities of monocytes...

Young Indians Face Higher Lung Cancer Risk: Insights and Implications

Factors such as air pollution, occupational hazards, second-hand smoke, and genetic predispositions contribute to the early onset of lung cancer...

The Debate Over Menstrual Leave: Balancing Needs and Workplace Equality

Finding a middle ground that addresses the concerns of both advocates and critics will be key to creating equitable and supportive workplaces for all employees...

How a Fiber-Rich Diet and Gut Parasites Can Improve Your Health

The findings of this study open new avenues for exploring how the gut microbiome, including organisms like Blastocystis, influences our health...

LinkedIn: A Double-Edged Sword for Professional Growth

LinkedIn offers immense opportunities for networking and career advancement but can also foster negative feelings like anxiety and Imposter Syndrome...

Honoring a Healthcare Pioneer: Indian-origin Dr. George Matthew's Legacy in the UAE

Naming a street after Dr. George Matthew is more than just an honor; it’s a recognition of his lifelong dedication to improving healthcare in the UAE...

Algorand and SEWA Join Forces to Launch Digital Health Passport Initiative for Women's Empowerment

Algorand Foundation’s India arm, AlgoBharat, launches a blockchain-based Digital Health Passport solution in partnership with Lok Swasthya SEWA, the health team of Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA). ..

Food Safety and Drug Administration (FDA), Uttarakhand, National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) and Nestlé India expand Project ‘Serve Safe Food’ in Uttarakhand

To train over 1200 street food vendors to further elevate food hygiene and safety ..

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