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Pledge to do 3 things this World Sight Day

The theme for this year's World Sight Day is ‘Love Your Eyes.’ The theme is meant to help individuals to become proactive in their own eye health...

NanoHealth and the prevention of Non-communicable diseases

2 in every 3 deaths are the result of NCDs. A 2015 survey claims that 1 in 4 Indians risk facing death before age 70. To stop the avoidable NCDs ..

Niramai and breast cancer detection

Will Niramai be able to reduce breast cancer deaths worldwide with its innovative AI-based solution? Will Niramai be able to reduce breast cancer deaths worldwide with its innovative AI-..

The delicious fasting recipes this season

Keeping this problem of people in mind, we are sharing here such fasting recipes which are not that rich and are a little different from eating mango fruit, so that ..

Health Benefits of Fasting During Navratri

Health experts also believe that if fasting is kept for a short interval of time, then the body gets a chance to detox. However, it has often been seen that ..

Dr. Firoz Ahmed gives his valuable inputs on Alzheimer's disease and Dementia

Alzheimer's disease and Dementia need awareness and Dr. Firoz Ahmed sheds light on treatment by delaying the progress of dementia at an early stage. He gives valuable advice on ..

What are the methods of doing leg relaxation therapy?

It would not be wrong to call reflexology - A relaxation therapy. After massage therapy for the feet and hands, we feel very relaxed and our mind becomes calm. Apart from ..

Factors responsible for increasing the risk of developing breast cancer

Breast cancer can be managed and detected well with an early diagnosis. Late pregnancies, obesity, pollution, incorrect diet and hormonal changes are some of the reasons behind the rise in ..

5 Tips to ensure a quality sleep for long term health benefits

Read on to know 5 simple tips that will ensure quality sleep and more productive and energetic during wakefulness ..

Coconut Water - The best health drink

Include coconut water into your life and see its benefits help you gain better skin, hair, low risk of kidney stones and more...

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