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Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath- Episode 11- Information for COVID patients and busting COVID myths

Karishma shah gives reliable and correct information for the COVID patients who are taking medications. She also informs the rampant spread of “Black Fungus” and gives a clear-cut view ..

Importance of sex education in schools for controlling HIV AIDS

Sex education is very important. Sex education will bring awareness to children regarding sex. This education must start at the secondary school level. Education makes them understand what is wrong ..

Pertinent points on HIV and AIDS put forward by Dr. Milind Kulkarni

Dr. Milind Kulkarni, HIV specialist and Chest TB Physician explains how HIV weakens the body's immune responses, assures that AIDS is not a fatal disease anymore provided it is ..

5 healthy drinks that keep blood pressure under control


Know the importance of drinking coconut water at right time


World Day Against Child Labour – June 12 – Do not allow Covid-19 to force children into Child Labour

It is a glaring fact that 1 in 10 children worldwide is in child labour. There has been commendable work on this front in the past due to which there ..

Vaccine shortage : Is COVID there to stay for long in India ?

Vaccination is the need of the hour for this pandemic. Now, our main aim is to protect each and every individual from COVID and post COVID complications by making vaccines ..

International World Albinism Day 2021- 13 th June 2021 - Strength beyond all odds

Lets us support the persons with albinism to get a healthy life. The theme “Strength Beyond All Odds” this year 2021 will allow us to stay united with albinism patients. ..

Dr Sarika Verma gives the overview about asthma , causes, symptoms, types and treatment

Dr.Sarika Verma cleared the myths about the use of inhalers in asthma. She confirms that inhalers can be life-saving and is the mainstay of the Asthmatic treatment ..

Make your heart healthy by eating strawberries


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