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The Reality of Protein Supplements in India: Mislabeling, Toxins, and Quality Challenges

The revelations from this study highlights the need for collective efforts to enhance product quality, transparency, and regulatory compliance within the protein supplement industry...

India’s First Indigenous CAR T-Cell Therapy Launched By President Droupadi Murmu: A New Hope in Cancer Treatment

The development of NexCAR19 showcases India’s prowess in scientific research and genetic engineering, contributing to the global landscape of cell and gene therapy...

Unveiling Cancer Patterns in Families of Men with Fertility Challenges

The study’s findings revealed intriguing insights. Families of men with infertility appeared to be particularly susceptible to specific cancers, including those affecting the bone, joint, soft tissues, colon, and ..

Innovative Procedure at KGMU Saves Man Impaled by Iron Rod: Beating Heart Surgery Success

The four-hour surgery involved carefully removing a portion of the iron rod, repairing the damaged heart and lung tissues, and administering seven units of blood to stabilize Munne Lal’..

Global Hepatitis Crisis: India Ranks Second in Cases – WHO Report 2024

India reported 2.98 crore cases of hepatitis B and 55 lakh cases of hepatitis C in 2022, revealing the magnitude of the problem within the country...

Fighting Tuberculosis: IHLD and Krafton India Join Forces for Active Case Detection

Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of Krafton India, emphasized the severity of TB as a global health concern, with India being significantly affected. With approximately 3.2 lakh lives lost to ..

ICMR Study Reveals Blood Pressure Monitoring Gaps in India

According to the study, the southern parts of India exhibit higher rates of blood pressure measurement awareness in comparison to the northern states, with an average of 76% of individuals ..

Heart-Healthy Choices: How Salt Substitutes Can Prolong Your Life

By adopting healthier seasoning alternatives and incorporating salt substitutes into daily cooking, individuals can take proactive steps towards reducing their risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death...

Accelerated Ageing and Cancer Risk: New Perspectives from AACR 2024

For every standard deviation increase in accelerated ageing, there was a corresponding 42% higher risk of early-onset lung cancer, a 22% higher risk of early-onset gastrointestinal cancer, and ..

IG Drones Secures Pipeline Inspection Contract for NTPC Darlipali Thermal Power Station in Odisha, Inaugurated by PM Mod

According to research, a 1% leak in a 20-inch pipeline can lead to a loss of 450,000 barrels a year and can irrevocably damage an area of up ..

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