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To use my learnings to impact the lives of those who did not have the privilege to learn is most satisfying, says Saji Mathew, Chief Operating Officer, Baby Memorial Hospital


Dr. Latika Chawla, Obstetrician and Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgeon advises women to take care of their sexual and reproductive health and be open to discuss it with specialists without inhibition

Doctors are not there to judge people and hence you should share with them complete individual history about your sexual and reproductive health so that they can give you a ..

27th February – Anosmia Awareness Day

We rarely come across someone saying that he or she is suffering from anosmia. Even in these COVID-19 times when some of the symptoms resembled anosmia, this term did ..

Get into “zen”mode for your mental health with these tips

Top 8 tips for mental health which will switch you to zen mode today..

Learn Everything about Broken Heart Syndrome.

Know how acute stress can lead to “Broken Heart Syndrome” ..

An Overview of Leprosy by Dr. Nitin Sampat, Senior Neurologist

Dr. Nitin Sampat, Senior Neurologist, talks about Leprosy, the causes of re-emergence, stigma attached to it, and the need to understand that treatment is possible...

Why Should A Woman give Importance to Mental Health?

Top 6 strategies to reboot your mental fitness and improve the quality of your life ..

“I can & I will !!” - The Thought Behind Spreading Awareness of Cancer by Dr.Sachin Marda, Eminent Oncologist


Sex Education Should be Normalized, says Dr. Shivadev M, Psychiatrist, and Sexual Wellness Expert

Dr. Shivadev M, Psychiatrist, and Sexual Wellness Expert, puts forward action points to ensure correct knowledge and corrective measures in the arena of sexual and reproductive health. ..

Healthy Living for an Improved Cancer Scenario in India, explained by Dr. Amol Akhade, Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist, Hemato-Oncologist and Bone Marrow Transplant Physician


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