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Medical Interpreters – hospitals should employ more of them

Medical interpreters are bilinguals who interpret intensive medical information turning terminologies and jargons into easily understandable information. They are important for reducing costs by averting medical errors from misinterpretation of ..

Why the Delta variant is spreading so much faster than other coronavirus strains

US Coronavirus news update..

France rolls out new Covid health pass amid surge of new infections

France takes additional measures for battling the pandemic..

Chess benefits on brain – special feature on International Chess Day

Chess is considered a thinking man’s game. It’s a game of applying the brain for wits and strategies. International Chess Day is celebrated each year on 20th July ..

Office on Women’s Health (OWH) – a body solely focusing on the ladies

We all know about WHO and keep quoting it every now and then. Its directives had always been of global significance. The significance improved even further during these pandemic times ..

Bindas Bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble - Pride Month Series- Episode 2 - Communication with LBGTQ community

It is important to accept and welcome the LBGTQ community with equal respect as part of society. This will ease out the communication with the LBGTQ community and take it ..

Bangladesh records highest single day COVID death, positivity rate goes up

Bangladesh Covid News Update..

Consequences of eating over spicy food – Enjoy heat in moderation

Indian cuisine is full of spicy foods. Everybody reacts distinctly to the spices. But do you know there are some very surprising good and bad effects of eating spicy foods ..

Ultra-processed food linked to higher risk of IBD

Further studies are needed to identify contributory factors in processed foods that might account for these associations ..

Top vegetables and fruits which boost oxygen levels in the body

Eat energy-rich foods that increase the oxygen-carrying capacity in the body which is a must for a healthy lifestyle. This COVID pandemic lets us incorporate oxygen-boosting foods ..

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