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Mental health – Time to stop stigmatizing it and create awareness

Mental health is a huge issue in India and its awareness is the need of the hour. Focusing on mental health care can increase productivity, enhance our self-image, and ..

Why is National Doctors Day celebrated in India only on 1st July?

Know who Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy is on National Doctor's Day. Let us check details into why doctor's day is celebrated on 1st July 2022. ..

Postpartum depression in new mothers

Birth mothers are susceptible to postpartum depression, but some may be more vulnerable than others. Postpartum depression is more common in women who have previously experienced depression of any kind, ..

Keto Diet for a healthy lifestyle

Diet is a very important part of our lifestyle. We are going to tell you about some important elements of the keto diet. Along with this, we will also tell ..

Role of Ketogenic Diet in Weight loss and Cancer

The Keto diet has many benefits. It has to be taken care of while following a keto diet. Some precautions are very important. It is important to look into the ..

Kidney transplant surgery – Important dos and don’ts

A kidney transplant or renal transplant is the last treatment option for End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). The new kidney can be of a dead or live person, it can ..

Tips to avoid long sitting hours

Sitting requires less energy than standing or walking. Sitting for a long period is linked to various health problems. It gives rise to various metabolic diseases. Take a look at ..

Teen drug abuse - Risk factors, warning signs, and role of parents

The incidences of teens using drugs and other substance abuse are on the rise. But do you know what circumstances take them to this stage of destroying themselves, let’s ..

Is global action needed for Monkeypox?

Monkeypox virus has slowly made its prey on many continents. It is not us, but the data of the World Health Network (WHN) which is demonstrating. ..

Benefits and side effects of Mushrooms

There are more than 14 thousand species of mushrooms in the world. If we talk about edible mushrooms, then only about 3 thousand species are edible. Let us check the ..

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