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Cattle as Hosts for Human and Bird Flu Viruses: A Potential Public Health Concern

The discovery that cattle can host both human and bird flu viruses is a significant breakthrough with far-reaching implications. While the risk of transmission through milk is low due ..

DCGI Acts Against Overcharging: New Regulations for Blood Centres

Through collective effort and vigilance, we can achieve a healthcare system where essential resources like blood are accessible to all, regardless of financial status. ..

The Ethics of Live Surgery Broadcasts: NMC Seeks Public Opinion

The NMC’s initiative to seek public opinion and expert recommendations is a crucial step towards ensuring that patient safety and ethical medical practices are upheld...

Over-the-Counter Medications in India: A New Era of Accessibility

The future of OTC drugs in India looks promising, with the potential to make a substantial positive impact on public health...

Uncovering the Presence of Microplastics in Human Blood and Their Health Effects

By understanding the sources and impacts of microplastics, we can take steps to reduce exposure and protect public health...

Potential Risks of Meftal: What Consumers and Doctors Should Know

By staying informed, consulting healthcare professionals, and reporting any adverse reactions, we can ensure safer use of these medications...

Tackling Hypertension in South-East Asia: A Call to Action on World Hypertension Day

With nearly 294 million people affected in South-East Asia alone, it is clear that more needs to be done to prevent and control hypertension...

FSSAI's Crackdown on Harmful Fruit Ripening Practices: Ensuring Public Health and Compliance

By enforcing the prohibition on calcium carbide and promoting the use of ethylene gas, FSSAI aims to enhance public health and safety..

In a Miraculous Recovery a 13-Year-Old Girl in Delhi Awakens from Coma After Liver Transplant.

Radha’s recovery offers hope to many families facing similar medical challenges. It demonstrates the advancements in medical science and the critical role of dedicated healthcare professionals in saving Lives. ..

Skinos Unveils Exciplex: A Revolutionary FDA-Approved Device for Autoimmune Skin Disease Treatment

By offering a quick, effective, and user-friendly solution, the Exciplex helps patients manage their conditions more effectively, reducing the psychological burden and improving overall quality of life...

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