Enhancing patient experiences with digitalization in healthcare

Samrat Bhattacharya, IT Manager at Kolkata's Peerless Hospitex hospital gives an overview of the challenges faced by the healthcare sector and several aspects that must be improved to improve healthcare patient service, including indoor service, IT sector is a critical aspect in the healthcare sector.

Samrat Bhattacharya is senior IT manager at Kolkata's Peerless Hospitex hospital and research center. He has over ten years of experience in the healthcare industry.

 The digital sector makes healthcare more accessible and available to patients

According to Samrat Bhattacharya, The healthcare business is quite in-depth. Many things may be done to enhance the healthcare system and patient service, including indoor service, which is entirely dependent on the IT industry. As a result, it is a critical aspect of the sector.

Disseminating IT healthcare 

Samrat Bhattacharya states to be an IT professional with a post-graduate degree in computer applications.  Whatever he studied in college or university, when he joined healthcare, his entire view shifted since all of his initiatives were based on commercial data. As a result of a large amount of medical logic and protocols, hospitals must choose to digitize through the HIS system.

 Opportunities for advancement in the healthcare industry during COVID-19

COVID has been a difficult period for the healthcare industry, as everything is now done in a non-contact environment. He intended to suggest that there are many sources for digital use in healthcare like telemedicine, and video consultations. As a result, and based on the coverage, these are extremely difficult. So many things are getting digitized, from technical reports to radiological reports to hemodialysis specifics. A complete digital record of each patient's relevant and instructive medical information has been created. Therefore, they are extremely effective there is a very large scope of work for IT professionals. Many of us now want to work in the health care industry, specifically in hospitals.

Advice for new individuals entering the IT healthcare industry

Individuals should understand the pulse of the healthcare industry. They need to understand the criticality and volatility of the healthcare industry. They cannot do any type of testing in this environment since all of the data is extremely live and highly critical and sensitive.

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Contributed By: Samrat Bhattacharya, IT manager at Kolkata's Peerless Hospitex hospital 
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