Common Symptoms of Cancer: Symptoms That Should Never Be Left Unchecked

Only when we correct the chromosome imprint and work on the genetic imprint will we achieve 100% effectiveness and completely eradicate cancer.

Cancer continues to be the second most common cause of deathfor 2023 show that there will be 1.9 million new cancer cases (about 5,370 new cases per day) and 609,820 cancer deaths (about 1,670 deaths per day).

We want to help people recognize the early signs and symptoms of cancer, thus enabling them to seek treatment at an early stage through the Cancer Awareness Series. Educate people about the key risk factors, since more than 30% of cancer cases could be prevented by modifying lifestyle or avoiding the risk factors.


Dr.Rajeev  Prakash  Mehra  is an Oncologist and Cancer Specialist . He is currently practicing at Mehak Wellness Centre in Andheri , Mumbai for the past 35 years. He was awarded as a Best Cancer Specialist Doctor of the Year-2019 (Asia).



Cancer is caused mainly due to genetic changes or genetic disorder.



According to modern science, the stages of cancer are determined by which part of the body is affected, and when cancer has spread throughout the body, it is referred to as the last stage,4th stage or Metastasis.

Grading is used to determine how much therapy or time will be needed to cure the patient.



The symptoms or signs of Cancer are:

  1. Mouth Ulcer and Tumor
  2. Other body part tumor visible
  3. Body pain or unrest


Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery to remove cancerous organs from the body aid in the treatment of cancer.

We need to work on the genetic imprint and chromosome correction, only then 100% results will be obtained and cancer will be eradicated permanently.



A lot of changes are coming but it is restricted to only medication and surgery.

There is no cure of cancer in modern science. It is only helping patients buy time.

 Modern science is working in a wrong pattern and negative way towards treating cancer.

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Contributed By: Dr. Rajeev Prakash Mehra, Oncologist , Mehak Wellness Centre, Mumbai


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