Newmi prioritizes women’s health across their journey from puberty to menopause

Sometimes, something in life happens so accidentally that even that one moment could turn on the rest of our life. Having been an eyewitness to his wife’s journey of conquering cancer twice and starting a new inning of life from an accident, the two incidents gave Sanchit an opportunity to start Sanchit 2.0 as an entrepreneur.

Newmi, a couplepreneur startup Co-founded by Sanchit Agarwal and Aditi Mittal, is 8-9 months old. Sanchit has a vast experience of 20+ years in the corporate world while Aditi is an ex-Fashion Designer. 

It was during the time when Sanchit met with an accident, he promised himself that if he gets a chance, will do something more impactful in life. This incident along with seeing the health journey of his wife Aditi, who is a two-time cancer conqueror, triggered him to think about Why we don’t prioritize women’s health, which actually needs very serious consideration. Thus, with this inspiration, Newmi was born to prioritize women’s health life cycle. 

Prime USPs of Newmi

  • Newmi for the entire women’s health lifecycle – In women, it is either lifestyle or hormonal diseases which are more prevalent.
  • Technology-enabled personalized plans or treatment
  • India’s largest ecosystem for women’s health and wellness – Newmi as a super-app for women’s health lifecycle management
  • Women at work care programs for corporate women. 

Lives touched so far

Sanchit mentions, “We have already serviced 10,000 + women on the retail side, and on corporate, we are going to serve more 10-15,000 women.” 

Challenges of the FemTech industry

Education and awareness are big challenges in this industry. But now there are new startups or companies coming up that are trying to solve these unaddressed issues, a slight progress is clearly noticeable. Although a lot more is to be done. The ecosystem is getting built.

Women health challenges

On being asked about the health challenges of women, Sanchit informs, “We are building programs to help folks normalize the LGBTQ word. We are big supporters of mental healthcare. We are doing sessions through social media, writing specific content to educate and create awareness regarding mental health issues.”

Journey with Newmi

Newmi is creating an ecosystem women need. They are building communities for all three stages of women’s lifecycle, Pre-Birth, Birthing, and Post-Birth needs. They provide high-quality mother-focused care with their integrated unique products and services. They are conducting sessions with experts in the field to get reliable pieces of information. Corporate sessions are also being organized to normalize taboo topics like breastfeeding/breast-pumping booths in the workplace.

A word about Medicircle

Medicircle is like an eye through which we can know what is happening in the world of healthcare. Platforms like Medicircle can bring the entire ecosystem together. It’s a platform to collaborate.

(Edited by Renu Gupta)


Contributed By: Sanchit Agarwal, Co-Founder, Newmi
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With a background in Pharmacy which is the clinical health science that links medical science with chemistry, I had the desire to mix creativity to these fields. Medicircle provides me an avenue to apply my training in science and interest in creativity together.

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