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Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath- Episode 16- Diet tips for work from home culture

Karishma Shah informs about healthy living which is important in this pandemic in work from home culture. She also gives some home tricks for healthy snacks which can allow you to curb cravings and enjoy your “food time.” ..

Bindas bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble – Let’s talk about Menopause

Menopause is a natural condition and not a disease that requires medical treatment. Menopause can certainly be a positive time of life. With the onset of the menopause phase, women experience noticeable and uncomfortable changes which can easily be managed by lifestyle modifications and to some extent with medicines..

Why the Delta variant is spreading so much faster than other coronavirus strains

US Coronavirus news update..

France rolls out new Covid health pass amid surge of new infections

France takes additional measures for battling the pandemic..

Cashews - 7 Health Benefits and Nutrition

Nuts are the healthiest and tastiest snack. Cashews are one of them. Here are some amazing benefits of cashews which you might not be aware of ..

Early and advanced stage sarcoma patients should not worry as there are good treatment options available

Some sarcoma cancers are age specific. Some are more prevalent in children while some are more prevalent in middle age. While some types of sarcomas are more prevalent in the older age groups. Irrespective of the type if it is in the early stages there is assurance of complete cure...

High cholesterol and liver disease

High Cholesterol is not only bad for heart but bad for liver as well, in fact it could be worse for the liver. Cholesterol mostly gets accumulated in the liver causing fatty liver disease (steatosis). If the level of cholesterol is very high, then it can lead to a severe health complication known as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). ..

Do you have sweet tooth cravings ?- Top 3 foods to beat cravings

Here are the top 3 foods which can help you beat emotional eating for comfort and sugar cravings Incorporate this into your lifestyle and embrace healthy living right away ..

Consequences of eating over spicy food – Enjoy heat in moderation

Indian cuisine is full of spicy foods. Everybody reacts distinctly to the spices. But do you know there are some very surprising good and bad effects of eating spicy foods ..

Top vegetables and fruits which boost oxygen levels in the body

Eat energy-rich foods that increase the oxygen-carrying capacity in the body which is a must for a healthy lifestyle. This COVID pandemic lets us incorporate oxygen-boosting foods into our diet...

Malnutrition and COVID 19 – Is there a relation?

The pandemic is exacerbating malnutrition in vulnerable groups and malnutrition itself is one of the prime reasons for COVID infection ..

Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath- Episode 18 - Diet for COVID vaccination

Karishma Shah shares her viewpoints on the COVID vaccinations diet that can help people build their immunity to this pandemic. She informs about food before and after the COVID vaccination. For healthy mental health, she tells us to align with our thoughts during meditation. ..

Avian Influenza – risks, symptoms and preventive steps

Prevention is better than cure. It applies to avian influenza as well which is also known as bird flu. Eyes, nose, throat and lungs are the areas which get attacked by the virus of this flu. Infected birds may have virus in their mucous, saliva and faeces which gets transferred to humans. ..

Exalta – startup that came up with a solution to solve oxygen shortage problem of the country

Exalta creates pure oxygen through water like other oxygen concentrators found in the market based on Normal PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption). Exalta oxygen concentrator comprises a pressure exhaust mechanism that draws oxygen from normal air with a zeolite process. Zeolite is the process that purifies the air by removing other gases. ..

Fruit juice versus whole fruit; which one should you chose?

Fruits and vegetables are power-packed with essential vitamins and nutrients but do you know the correct way to have them is not in the form of juice. Read on to know more ..

Pandorum Technologies – startup that constructs regenerative medicine for patients of Covid-19 and chronic ailments

Pandorum Technologies is a Bangalore based biotechnology startup. Its focus is on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Pandorum Technologies amalgamates clinical competencies, life science, and engineering to design and manufacture three dimensional functional human tissues; intended for therapeutics and medical research...

Pfizer provides update on U.S. FDA review of Abrocitinib and XELJANZ filings

Pharma News update..

BioNTech to acquire Kite’s neoantigen TCR Cell Therapy R&D platform and manufacturing facility in Gaithersburg, MD

Pharma merger and acquisition news..

Pfizer and BioNTech collaborates with Biovac to manufacture and distribute COVID-19 vaccine doses in Africa

Latest Pharma news update..

Acorda Therapeutics announces agreement to commercialize INBRIJA in Spain

Pharma News Update..

62 fresh coronavirus cases reported in Delhi

India Covid News update..

Top 6 amazing benefits and uses of carrot

Carrots are good for skin, hair, and heart health. It is full of vital nutrients such as beta carotene, potassium, fiber, etc. Carrots are considered to improve eye health, reduces bad cholesterol, and help in reducing weight ..

Turtle Shell Technologies – startup that enables contactless patient monitoring saving doctors and nurses from getting exposed to infections

Turtle Shell Technologies, a startup established in 2015 has come up with AI powered contactless, continuous remote patient monitoring (RPM) in hospitals and at home, delivering unparalleled patient safety and maximizing utilization of ICU beds. ..

Madhya Pradesh again tops country in administering highest doses of COVID vaccine

India CovidNews update..

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) – WHO guideline mentions 10 days quarantine in case of suspected contact

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is a viral infection that can cause deadly illness with flu-like symptoms. It was the year 2003 when SARS came into extensive world attention due to its outbreak. It had spread to many countries at that time, killing hundreds of people and leaving thousands of people sick...

Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath- Episode 17- Diet for Pregnancy

Diet during pregnancy is important for a healthy mother and child. Karishma Shah advises pregnant mothers to go stress-free with healthy foods for healthy born children. She also cleared the air in regards to the myths during pregnancy about consuming ghee, milk, sour and spicy foods. A must-watch episode for every pregnant woman. ..

Top Energy breakfast superfoods for healthy lifestyle

A good breakfast means it should be a balanced mix of proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins. We will be telling you about such a breakfast which is nutritious, energizing, and gives you energy. ..

Air pollution is a cause of communicable disease

Air pollution is such a gift of the industrial and technological civilization of the present era, which is not only causing various harmful effects by making the ecosystem unbalanced but is also becoming a cause of crisis for humans and other animals and plant ..

6 Effective methods to treat stomach heaviness

We often end up overeating our favorite meal or food. It gives us a satisfactory feeling. But many times it can also make you physically uncomfortable due to overeating. Try out these simple methods to get relief from it..

How to stop talking in your sleep

Sleep talking and it's cure..

Vitamin D deficiency increases obesity : Check your Vitamin D levels Now!!!

Vitamin D deficiency reduces the metabolism and digestion of fats. This leads to weight gain and obesity which leads to a gateway to a number of diseases and disorders. ..

Breastfed babies and better health – strong connection

Breastfeeding the babies has been endorsed in our culture since time immemorial. The elderly women in the families have always encouraged new mothers to breastfeed their babies. Researchers also back up this idea and point out that breastfed babies have lower blood pressure and healthier hearts irrespective of the duration of breastfeeding. ..

The first case of co-infection in India after being fully vaccinated

“A case of Assam doctor, getting infected with two COVID variants simultaneously after taking both doses of vaccine” ..

Avoid 6 bad habits for good bone health

Our bones play a very significant role in our overall health. We often lose track of healthy habits leading to weak bones and low bone density. Read on to know bone health tips that you need to inculcate in your habit so that your bone remains healthy and strong life-long! ..

Sarcoma – characteristics, diagnosis, treatment and management by Dr. Mishil Parikh

“X-ray is the basic test for detecting sarcoma. MRI and ultrasound are other test procedures for diagnosing sarcoma. Sarcoma can be managed by the use of chemotherapy and surgeries. The only important thing is getting the right treatment at right time. Cancer is not a full stop; it is a comma,” says Dr. Mishil Parikh, Apollo Cancer Institute..

Argusoft’s solution to prevent AIDS transmission from mother to child

Argusoft has developed a mobile phone based Health Management and Monitoring System for the prevention of transmission of AIDS from mother to child. Leveraging technology is the organization’s forte. Healthcare is its new vertical in which it has done impactful service towards AIDS prevention with use of technology. ..

Malaria, Dengue and COVID 19 – Links and risks

The symptoms of Malaria, Dengue, and COVID are very much similar to each other. The onset of monsoon has increased the risk of these conditions that can lead to coinfection. Follow proper guidelines to live a happy monsoon ..

Precision medicine – why is it so important?

Precision medicine is an innovative approach in healthcare. It is a way of customised treatment taking into consideration genes, environments, and lifestyles of individuals. Allopathy had been indulging in precision medicine but now it's all set for a more advanced version with gene testing coupled with AI algorithms as part of preventive care...

PharmEasy - startup working in the space of online pharmacy and booking of diagnostic tests

PharmEasy is a Mumbai based startup cofounded by an engineer and doctor duo. It enables purchase of medicines online and gets it home delivered, within 24-48 hours of placing order in select cities. By downloading the app, one can fulfil the entire family’s medicine and diagnostic test needs. ..

Indian Railways' Oxygen Express arrives in Bangladesh

India supplies oxygen to Bangladesh..

Japan sends 2.45 lakh AstraZeneca COVID vaccines to Bangladesh, 3 million doses to follow

Japan helps Bangladesh to fight the pandemic..

Kerala reports 17,466 new COVID 19 cases

Kerala still tops the charts in total infections..

8 Homemade hair care tips for healthy hair

If you pay a little attention to your hair, hair can make your personality. If you do not take care of your hair, then you will not do well with your look. Try these simple homemade hair care tips ..

Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Ke Saath- Episode 19- Diet on Vacation

In this episode of Sehat Ki Baat, Karishma Shah and Ujwal Rathod give an overview to take care of your diet and be consistent with it even on vacation to stay healthy. A must-watch episode for those traveling on vacation or work. ..

Cognitive deficiencies in people after Covid attack

The Lancet is an international medical journal founded in the year 1823. It has addressed urgent health topics by putting science into the context over the past two centuries. It has recently published a study that proves that people have been experiencing cognitive deficiencies after recovering from Covid attack. ..

2025 AIDS targets set in International AIDS Conference

As per UNAIDS, the co-sponsored joint programme of the UN, “Since the first cases of HIV got reported more than 35 years ago, 78 million people have been infected with HIV and 35 million have died from AIDS-related illnesses.” There have been global efforts to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. 2025 AIDS targets is a step in this direction..

HIV / AIDS and Covid 19

Read on to understand the stand of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS (UNAID) and Covid 19 FAQ prepared by Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US to address the health needs of people with HIV/AIDS. ..

Study : Excessive use of coffee can lead to an increased risk of dementia

Excessive drinking of coffee is linked with the shrinking of brain. Excessive use of coffee increases the risk of dementia by 53% ..

All you need to know about Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition in which your bones become weak and more prone to fractures. Read this blog to know more about osteoporosis and how to deal with it. ..

Dr. Priti Mehta sheds light on Sarcoma – Risk factors, causes, and prevention

"There is no direct correlation between obesity and sarcoma but is there with age. Soft tissue sarcoma is mostly seen in children and teenagers. Early detection helps in controlling its spread to other parts of the body," Dr. Priti Mehta, H. N. Reliance Hospital ..

Dr. Deepak Chhabra illustrates the different aspects of soft tissue sarcoma

"Sarcoma is a type of cancer; its presentation is very different. Treatment options are available for sarcoma but the positive attitude of the patient helps in getting the most favorable outcomes" – Dr. Deepak Chhabra, Surgical Oncologist ..

Happy Reliable Surgeries (HRS) – startup that makes surgery easier with cutting edge technology

Happy Reliable Surgeries is a machinery and equipment manufacturing company headquartered in Bangalore. It was founded in 2015 by Arpit Paliwal with the aim to make premium healthcare affordable and accessible for common people by “frugal innovations”. ..

11 Amazing hacks for simple health-related problems

Real and simple life hacks that will make your life productive and better by day ..

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Infection and Cervical Cancer

Viral infections lead to 15–20% of all human cancers. Despite effective screening methods, cervical cancer is a big public health problem. Cervical cancer incidence and mortality rates differ as per age and geographic region. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus that can be sexually transmitted and is the cause of most cervical cancer specimens. ..

All you need to know about malaria and malaria vaccine

One thing should always be remembered that the effect of the malaria vaccine is not necessarily effective. It has been seen many times that there are side effects of the malaria vaccine as well. Let us know the more about malarial vaccine and their side effects ..

Alcohol for heart – Need careful balancing between benefit and risk

Alcohol is a psychoactive drug. It has some useful effects if consumed in a moderate amount but excessive use of it can lead to fatal health conditions. It requires careful balancing. ..

EzeRx – startup working in the preventive healthcare space

EzeRx was cofounded by Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra, Chaitali Roy and Sudip Roy Chowdhury in the year 2018 with the aim to develop highly progressive medical devices and innovative solutions of preventive healthcare for people of all economic strata. It has been winning recognition for social impact. ..

World Hepatitis Day – 28th July

The theme for 2021 World Hepatitis Day is “Hepatitis Can’t Wait”. The world has been grappling with a major crisis in the form of COVID-19, still actions for elimination of Hepatitis can’t wait. World Hepatitis Day is celebrated each year to remind us about the global burden of viral hepatitis and how all of us should come together to reduce it. ..


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