The 11 countries where WHO Europe says COVID-19 is on the rise

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The World Health Organization says there are at least 11 countries in its European region that are seeing increased transmission of coronavirus.

The World Health Organization says there are in any event 11 nations in its European locale that are seeing expanded transmission of coronavirus.

As nations facilitated limitations, many have seen a resurgence in cases.

In any event "30 nations or domains have seen increments in new combined cases in the course of recent weeks," said Hans Kluge, WHO's a provincial executive for Europe.

"In 11 of these nations or regions, the quickened transmission has prompted extremely noteworthy resurgence that whenever left unchecked will push wellbeing frameworks to the verge by and by in Europe."

So what are those eleven nations and what does the circumstance resemble in every one of them? Many are situated in eastern Europe or focal Asia and are checked by the WHO's European provincial office.


Sweden has been in the news regularly for handling the coronavirus flare-up uniquely in contrast to its Scandinavian neighbors and numerous different nations in Europe.

It didn't force an exacting lockdown and its per capita COVID-19 demise rate is among the most elevated on the planet.

The nation has been recording in excess of 1,000 new day by day cases in June, with information demonstrating a consistently rising plague bend that is simply starting to level out.

Boss disease transmission specialist Anders Tegnell disagreed with the WHO characterization of Sweden's pestilence, expressing that the expanded number of cases was because of all the more testing. He included that the number of genuine cases in serious consideration and the number of passings were declining.

In reality, the nation's general wellbeing organization shows that the quantity of new admissions to escalated care has diminished altogether and keeps on doing as such.


Armenia has seen a consistent ascent in coronavirus cases since May and is presently recording many new days by day contaminations.

The administration's information shows a pestilence bend with an ongoing increment in the transmission of cases. Toward the beginning of June, the nation's leader said he and his family had tried positive for the infection.

The nation's episode compounded after its lockdown finished toward the beginning of May. Until now, Armenia has recorded 23,247 cases and 410 passings.


Moldova has been recording several new cases every day, with a huge increment starting in June.

The little European nation has recorded in excess of 15,000 cases and more than 500 passings.

Moldova started eliminating limitations in May however numerous individuals despite everything don't wear covers in spite of it being obligatory, some state.

North Macedonia

North Macedonia went from recording everyday cases in the single digits during the long stretch of May to recording in excess of 100 day by day cases all through June, frequently arriving at almost 200 cases.

The little nation has recorded a sum of 5,595 and 265 passings.

Contaminations started going up after authorities lifted limitations. Wellbeing priest Venko Filipce said in a TV meet that occupants had disregarded alerts to social separation and stay away from get-togethers, as per AP.


In the wake of recording under 100 everyday cases until mid-May, the nation is seeing an ascent on the off chance that numbers with almost 500 day by day cases recorded in late June.

Most as of late, another 590 individuals tried constructive in a solitary day in the nation of just shy of 10 million individuals.

There are in excess of 14,000 affirmed instances of coronavirus and 174 affirmed passings due to COVID-19, as indicated by the World Health Organization.


Kazakhstan has seen an expansion in cases from mid-April recording many new days by day cases this previous month.

Both the previous leader of the nation, Nursultan Nazarbayev, and the wellbeing pastor, Yelzhan Birtanov, as of late tried positive for coronavirus. Birtanov was hospitalized for COVID-19.

The nation of 18 million individuals has recorded almost 20,000 cases and 136 passings.


The day by day number of affirmed coronavirus cases has been ascending since mid-June. Albania originally observed case numbers go down in May after an uptick in April.

Despite the fact that the nation despite everything doesn't permit huge get-togethers, some report that numerous individuals have quit holding fast to social removing.

The nation has recorded more than 2,000 cases and 49 passings.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina have likewise observed a consistent ascent in COVID-19 cases after day by day diseases had diminished altogether.

As of late, the Balkan country arrived at a record of 109 recently recorded cases, as per the World Health Organization. The past pinnacle number of day by day cases had been 101 on April 30. Specialists initially started facilitating their lockdown limitations in late April.

There are presently 2269 cases and in excess of 50 passings in the nation.


There has been speeding up in transmission in the previous hardly any weeks after consistent case numbers were recorded in April and May. The quantity of every day affirmed cases has expanded altogether as of mid-June, with in excess of 200 new cases day by day.

Kyrgyzstan has recorded a sum of 4,200 cases and 42 passings.


Ukraine has recorded 40,008 cases, a fourth was affirmed over the most recent fourteen days. There have been 101 passings in Ukraine.

The nation has seen an expansion in cases since April.

As of late, the spouse of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy tried positive for the infection and was hospitalized.


The region of Kosovo has recorded in excess of 2,000 cases and 37 passings. At any rate, 500 cases have been recorded in the most recent week, as per the World Health Organization.

Kosovo started reviving organizations in mid-May as a major aspect of an eliminated leaving of lockdown.

The legislature cautioned that because of the rising case numbers they would need to reimpose certain limitations this previous week, as indicated by AP.

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