5 Surprising Things That Can Shoot Your Sugar Levels

Sugar levels fluctuate daily pre-meals and post-meals. But, there are other things that may also spike your sugar levels. Whether you are diabetic or non-diabetic or not, controlling sugar levels are very essential. Let us know the details of which things cause a sudden spike in blood sugar levels in our normal daily routine.

One thing which is true about diabetes is that it cannot be cured but can be controlled and managed. Diabetes is an endocrine disorder and is more related to lifestyle changes. In today’s era, diabetes is very common among people and is considered to be a lifestyle disorder. So, let us know some important things which can shoot your blood sugar levels. It is important to stay away from them to control and manage diabetes. 

Why should you keep your sugar levels under check?

Diabetes is one of the most concerning healthcare problems that can affect our daily life. With proper treatment, we can prevent complications. If high blood sugar levels are left untreated, it can cause serious complications. It is important to keep blood sugar levels under check and understand which food, drinks, and habits cause a sudden spike in sugar levels. Sometimes, the most common daily activities can cause a drastic impact on sugar levels. Let us look at some of these surprising causes. 

Let's begin!

Skipping breakfast 

Breakfast is one of the important meals of teh day. According to research, it is proved that skipping breakfast can cause an increase in blood sugar after both lunch and dinner. So, make sure to consume a protein-rich breakfast which will keep your sugar levels under check. 


Basking and spending too much time in the sun can cause a sudden spike in sugar levels. It can cause an increase in stress and cortisol levels making you dehydrated. This increases the sugar levels when you are under the sun. 


Coffee is one of the favorite morning drinks. It can get you addicted. Taking too much caffeine can cause a spike in sugar levels. Some people have sensitivity towards caffeine which may cause spikes in blood sugar levels. That is why too much caffeine should be avoided when you are at high risk of increased blood sugar levels. 

Insufficient sleep 

A sound of sleep of 8 hours is essential for a healthy mind and body. Insufficient sleep can cause sugar levels to spike. 


It is important to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of fluids and water during the day. Lack of water consumption can increase sugar levels and impact your mind and body functioning. 

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