11 Amazing hacks for simple health-related problems

▴ Amazing hacks for simple health-related problems
Real and simple life hacks that will make your life productive and better by day

Treatment of many simple day-to-day problems is present in our home, but due to lack of information, people go to the doctor for such silly problems also. You should be aware of these simple home tricks. Let’s check out some simple ways of treatment in a native way without going to the doctor.

Pain during menstruation - Squeeze the juice of two-three lemons in cold water and drink it. By doing this daily, you will get relief from the pain during the days of menstruation. 

Migraine - Peel an apple and cut it into small slices. Now mix a little salt in it and eat this every morning on an empty stomach.

Sore throat - Boil two or three basil leaves in water on low flame for some time, now gargle with this water.  Your throat pain will get relief. 

Mouth wounds - Make a paste by mixing banana and honey. Apply it on the affected area inside the mouth, your mouth wound will get relaxed soon. 

Nasal congestion - Heat half a cup of water, now add apple cider vinegar and a pinch of grounded red pepper. Mix it and drink this. For the best result, try this recipe twice a day.

Controlling blood pressure- Eating amla with milk reduces blood pressure. It would be better if you eat it in the morning. 

Whitening of hair at a young age - Cut dry gooseberry into small pieces, boil it in coconut oil until the pieces get fully singed. Then massage your head with this coconut oil every day.

Improve your gut health – A good gut diet requires lots of dietary fibers called prebiotics, plant-based food.

Headache – Massage, aromatherapy, acupuncture, and hot/cold application are helpful in getting relief from headaches.

Indigestion – Drink mint tea - Set aside 5–10 peppermint or spearmint leaves. Boil 1 cup of water and leave it to cool slightly. Pour the water over the leaves and steep for 3–5 minutes. Add a slice of lemon or a small amount of honey, if desired.

Depression – Buy yourself something nice, walk in nature, acupressure, keep up your support, do what you like, dance sing anything.

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