Bindas Bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble - Deaddiction Series- Episode 2 - Is addiction curable?

Addiction causes a negative impact not only on the person consuming drugs but also on their families. Dealing with addiction can be tough and support from family is very important, informs Dr.Kumar Kamble

We have always learned that addiction is harmful to health. But, many people fall prey to addiction because of the stress, high society norms. We are focussing on addiction problems with our Deaddiction series - Bindas Bol with Dr.Kumar Kamble. We are going to learn about various aspects of deaddiction to have a better lifestyle. 

Every Thursday, we at Medicircle conduct a special series called Bindas Bol with Dr.Kumar Kamble. Dr.Kumar Kamble is not only a professional sexologist but also a de-addiction specialist. Dr. Kamble has special expertise and experience in working with the King Edward Memorial Hospital in the Deaddiction center for 4 years. 

At Medcircle, we are presenting the Ask The Expert Series on De-Addiction titled Bindas Bol with Dr. Kumar Kamble. Today, we are going to discuss addiction and its cure with Dr. Kumar Kamble to get the patients who are suffering from addiction back on track and to a normal life. 

Dr.Kumar Kamble is an expert Psychiatrist, De-addiction Specialist, Sexologist, Speaker, Mental and Sexual Health Educator. He is also associated with the Umang Clinic. He has worked with King Edward Memorial Hospital in the Deaddiction center for 4 years as a Medical Office Coordinator. Based on his rich clinical expertise in de-addiction, we have come up with the next series on De-addiction.

Addiction is curable 

Dr.Kumar Kamble, “Drugs and alcohol act as an agent which can make the individual or the host addicted causing an addiction problem or disorder. To treat this addiction problem and disorder, the specific course of action. It is important to note that addiction problems are disorders and treatment is possible.” 

Know how addiction impacts life 

Dr. Kamble gives an example and explains, “ Mr. A who is addicted to alcohol for years and has been consuming 90 ml of alcohol which is gradually increased to 180 ml. This has caused a lot of problems in his personal and professional life. It has led to many fights at his world place and with his wife. He also has withdrawal symptoms of tremors and shakiness of hands and legs. 

Addressing Withdrawal symptoms is a must 

Dr. Kamble says, “ Withdrawal symptoms are due to excessive indulgence of drugs and alcohol which results in symptoms when the alcohol or drugs are stopped. Treatment for withdrawal symptoms is a must. Reduction of craving for drugs and alcohol should be reduced as this is quite higher in the case of addiction. It is important to address the cravings to stop withdrawal symptoms. Anti craving medicines are very important. Reducing cravings gradually is very important. This is about the treatment withdrawal symptoms.”

Addiction hampers social and work-life

Dr. Kamble says, “ Addiction has a great impact on family, personal, social and professional life. Solutions for this negative impact on life are equally important. The causes of addiction are as follows:

Biological  Psychological  Social 

The effects of drug addiction are all these three aspects. Treatment should be on the basis of considering these aspects. Addressing the psychological aspect is very important through counseling. It is important to cover the social aspect as well by intervening and addressing social issues and causes. Professional life needs special attention to get the person suffering on track by getting him back to his job."

Cure of addiction 

Dr. Kamble informs, “As a team, we need to work on these 3 factors to get the cure for addiction and help an individual suffering from addiction to come back on track. 

Biological aspect by consulting a doctor  Psychological aspect by consulting a psychologist Social aspect by consulting a social worker or counselor”

Addiction is a family disease

Dr. Kamble informs, “ Addiction is a disease of family. Addiction causes negative impacts not only on the person having addiction but also on their family and friends. There are many layers of treatment for addiction. Alcohol addiction impacts the liver health with paleness, vomiting, and liver cirrhosis impacting the physical health of individuals.” 

Different treatment approaches for addiction 

Dr. Kamble states, “There are many treatment approaches for addiction-like :

Anti craving medicines  Aversion to craving medicines 

Every patient has a different line of treatment which should be tailor-made for every patient to give up the addiction. It is important to make the person suffering from addiction realize the hazards and negative consequences of addiction like a financial loss. Counselling requires at least 1 hour to get into the core aspect of the addiction problems.” 

Contribution of family members of a person suffering from addiction 

Dr. Kamble states, “Contribution and participation of the family members for addiction problems is very important. Treatment of the patient suffering from addiction is very important with his family participation. Family participation is a must to take care of recurring problems of addiction and prevent the relapse phase of addiction. Its the responsibility of family members to administer the medicines regularly for the treatment of addiction. This results in a successful outcome of addiction.”

Sharing your experience about addiction is very important 

Dr Kamble informs, “This question arises in many people's minds that how long should I take medicines for addiction. The problem of addiction is chronic and medicines need to be taken for a long time. Sharing your experiences about addiction can help you overcome the hurdles and obstacles of addiction. This is called the “Alcoholic or Narcotics Anonymous” group which is very important.”

 Addiction illness has a gradual process of recovery

Dr. Kamble says, “Many family members of people suffering from addiction approach treatment. Awareness about addiction treatment and withdrawal symptoms is important among the people suffering from addiction. This is a long process of recovery from addiction. Addiction takes over your health slowly and gradually over a period of time. Similarly, reducing addiction illness also takes time through step by step procedure. People with addiction should be encouraged about a healthy lifestyle to give up the addiction. Having a positive view on life such as being financially independent and secure with social respect gives a sense of achievement and happiness to the people suffering from addiction.”

(Edited by Dr.Rati Parwani)


Contributed by Dr. Kumar Kamble, Psychiatrist, De-addiction Specialist, Sexologist

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