Causes, Symptoms, and Preventive Solution of Gastroenteritis in Babies

Children are prone to stomach infection which is commonly termed gastroenteritis. Dr. Raj Kumar Paul gives useful insights on gastroenteritis in babies. He further explains the details of causes, symptoms, and preventive solutions to treat gastroenteritis.

Gastroenteritis is a very common condition among babies. However, a parent is constantly concerned because their baby is constantly crying because of stomach gas. So let us understand why there is gas and how to get rid of it so that your baby can be happy.

Dr. Raj Kumar Paul is a renowned Pediatrician and Child Specialist in Guwahati and currently practicing at Pratiksha Hospital. For the past 10 years, he has worked as a Pediatrician and Child Specialist.

Symptoms of Gastroenteritis

Dr. Raj Kumar Paul says, “Gastroenteritis as the name suggests- Gastro means stomach and enteritis is intestine and “itis” means inflammation. Gastroenteritis means inflammation of the stomach and intestines. The symptoms of gastroenteritis in children are as follows- 

  • Vomiting 
  • The child will be not willing to eat
  • Loose stools 
  • Pain in abdomen 
  • Blood in stools.”

Causes of Gastroenteritis

Dr. Raj Kumar Paul informs, “The causes of gastroenteritis are as follows- 

  • Infection by virus-like enterovirus 
  • Infection by bacteria like salmonella and shigella
  • Inflammation due to food products 
  • Toxins ingested with food while playing.”

Duration of Gastroenteritis symptoms in the child

Dr. Raj Kumar Paul states, “The symptoms start in about 24- 48 hours of ingestion of toxins. The mode of transmission is the fecal-oral route. The toxins may get into the mouth through food or during playing. After ingestion of toxins, the symptoms may start 24- 48 hours later. The symptoms last for 3-7 days and most commonly resolve by 4-5 days. “

Complications due to gastroenteritis

Dr. Raj Kumar Paul tells, “The main two complications of gastroenteritis are as follows- 

  • Dehydration - loss of fluid and electrolytes from stools 
  • Passing of blood in stools 

Treating Gastroenteritis quickly in babies 

Dr. Raj Kumar Paul states, “The best ways to get rid of gastroenteritis in babies are as follows- 

  • Awareness is must about gastroenteritis 
  • Knowing the cause of gastroenteritis
  • Hygiene practices 
  • Simple medications like probiotics and vitamins
  • ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) 
  • Antiemetic medicines
  • Small frequent meals 
  • Gives easily digested foods 
  • Avoids eggs and meat

Rapid fire

a. Does gastroenteritis occur only at night? Dr. Raj Kumar Paul states, “Gastroenteritis can occur throughout the day.”

b. Is yogurt good for gastroenteritis? Dr. Raj Kumar Paul states, “Yogurt is good for gastroenteritis as it contains lactobacillus.“

c. Can gastroenteritis spread through the air? Dr. Raj Kumar Paul states, “The primary mode of transmission of fecal-oral route.”

Edited By: Dr.Rati Parwani 

Contributed By: Dr. Raj Kumar Paul, Pediatrician and Child Specialist, Pratiksha Hospital.

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