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Dr. Sayyed Habib Karim informs us about the interrelation between the HIV virus and immunity. He explains antiviral therapy ART treatment to control and manage HIV. He further informs that CD4 count is very essential to control and manage HIV

We at Medicircle are constantly working on bringing to our audience all the trending health-related topics. It is our primary objective to Bring to your attention news and views you need to be aware of to lead a healthy disease-free life. To help us in this regard we’d be joined by eminent and expert top doctors from across the country. Today in Doctor’s Speak we are going to talk about the problem of AIDS and ways to help you deal with it. 

Dr. Sayyed HabibKarim is an esteemed HIV specialist practicing in Mumbai for over 8 years. He is now working with Hakeem Abdul Kareem Holistic (HAKH) Unani Research & Medical Foundation. He specializes in HIV Treatment, Prevention, Management & Treatment. He is feted with the All India Hakim Ajmal Khan Award, (WADC) at Worlds AIDS Day Conference.

AIDS affects a person's health and immunity 

Dr. Sayyed Habib Karim says, “HIV is an immunodeficiency virus which affects the immunity. It reduces immunity. The immune system fights and protects against infection. The immune system fights disease. When the immune system is affected, it affects the disease-fighting mechanism. A weak immune system is an open gateway to many opportunistic infections in the body. This causes many health issues like cold, cough, and fever.”

Spread of HIV to develop AIDS

Dr. Sayyed Habib Karim informs, ”HIV can cause and develop into AIDS during the window period. This time period is called the window period. This is called seroconversion. This is the time period between entry of infection and the emergence of antibodies which may take approx 6 months. Positive antibody tests may show HIV+. These antibodies test are called - 

  • ELISA 
  • Western blot
  • DNA- PCR which is a proviral test. This helps in detecting the presence within 72 hours. 

AIDS is clinically the last stage and the HIV developing into AIDS depends on the patient's lifestyle and diet. HIV has 4 stages- 

  • Asymptomatic - No symptoms 
  • Symptomatic stages like fever, loose motion, and weight loss. anemia 
  • ARC - AIDS-related complex causes Tb, herpes, cancer 
  • AIDS- This is the final stage. 

A CD4 count below 200 is termed AIDS. CD4 is a marker for immunological health to test the immunity of HIV patients.”

Treatment available for HIV 

Dr. Sayyed Habib Karim says, “HIV virus is a retrovirus and the treatment is antiretroviral treatment. It is called ART treatment. HIV is not curable but treatable and manageable. ART is available at all government hospitals 

Antiretroviral Mechanism of Action 

Dr. Sayyed Habib Karim states,” HIV virus has the ability to multiply and cause replication. ART suppresses the replication of the virus and inhibition of the virus. This avoids the spread of infection. This will help maintain immunity and help the patient prevent opportunistic infections.  ART markers is - 

  • CD4 
  • RNA viral load 

This helps in evaluating whether antiretroviral treatment is working or not. ART helps in controlling and inhibiting the replication of HIV.”

Message from expert

Dr. Sayyed Habib Karim states,” Prevention is better than cure. Once you're exposed to the HIV virus, you need to be treated. Prevention is important. The purpose of contraceptives is for protection.“

Edited By: Dr.Rati Parwani

Contributed By:  Dr. Sayyed Habib Karim, HIV specialist, Hakeem Abdul Kareem Holistic (HAKH) Unani Research & Medical Foundation 

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