Coronavirus vaccine – Why women are experiencing more side effects than men?

Studies showed how women are experiencing more symptoms of COVID vaccine shot than men

Vaccine side effects are a common occurrence. It does not put your health at any risk nor does it leave any long-term effects on the body. Even with the SARs-COV-2 virus, one may experience mild ailments, while others may report no symptoms at all. Depending on your immune system and how your body reacts to foreign pathogens, your body is likely to showcase reactions that may go from mild to severe.

Vaccine side effects

As coronavirus vaccines are mimicry of the actual virus, it triggers symptoms that resemble immune responses activated by COVID-19 infections. Fever, fatigue, nausea to body ache are common side effects of vaccines. Apart from that, many have also experienced itchiness, redness, swelling at the injection site, which wears off in a day or two.

Women are reporting more vaccine side effects than men

As and when somebody receives a vaccine, the body's immune system is activated, which produces antibodies to fight the harmful pathogens. This in turn causes inflammatory responses in the body, which leads to various side effects.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, studies suggest that women reported more vaccine side effects than men and while reactions to the COVID vaccines were not that serious.

Women also are more likely than men to experience some of the vaccine’s more unusual side effects, such as an itchy red rash that appears at the injection site commonly known as COVID arm or Moderna arm, because about 95% of the reactions occur with the Moderna vaccine.  While reports suggest that women are more prone to vaccine side effects, it could be because they have a more robust and healthier immune system in contrast to men. Research has also claimed that women produce more vigorous antibodies as compared to their male counterparts. Some experts believe that women are more likely to report side-effects than men, due to their behavioral factors as women are believed to be more expressive, vocals about their ailments than men. As per experts, the female hormone estrogen generally boosts and influences the reaction of the immune system. On the contrary, the male hormone testosterone acts as an immunosuppressant., which could be a leading reason why women experience more side effects from COVID vaccines than men.

Although side effects from COVID vaccines disappear in a day or two, if it feels intolerable, you can always consult your doctor about the same. Drink plenty of water and avoid doing any spirited activity. Take proper rest and do not assert your body and mind.

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