Dental Monitoring Launches New Teledentistry Solutions to Keep Safe Doctors & Patients from COVID-19

▴ Dental Monitoring Launches New Teledentistry Solutions to Keep Safe Doctors & Patients from COVID 19
Dental Monitoring teledentistry solutions allow dental professionals to connect with their patients remotely and in a HIPAA compliant manner. Our unique technology enables dentists and orthodontists to assess, monitor treatment, and communicate with their patients as much as needed.

Given the unprecedented situation the world is facing, and with patient access to practices becoming more difficult, Dental Monitoring’s priorities have shifted to supporting all dental professionals whoever and wherever they are, to continue the care of their patients, as well as ensuring the continuity of their practices. The current solutions use the full extent of AI engine, and complete onboarding for practices can often take a few weeks to integrate fully. Therefore, they have decided to refocus the company priorities to launch immediately two new “Light ” versions of the existing solutions. These new versions will be simpler and more immediate to implement for these times - rapid on-boarding and roll-out to all patients:

Photo Monitoring Light :

Simplified at-home monitoring platform with instant two-way communication with patients.

Capturing pictures of the mouth through the DM App allowing doctors to :

Evaluate remotely their patients' current oral situation or treatment progress as if they were in the practice.

Have two way communication and guidance between doctor and patient.

Send annotated pictures directly via the patient App so patients can better understand their doctor’s guidance.

Photo Monitoring Light will also enable the clinical team to request an immediate DM scan when a patient requests immediate feedback, so that the doctor can better evaluate the patient’s situation and advise accordingly.

SmileMate Virtual Consultation:

Remote assessment of new and existing patients.

All patient calls can be pre-qualified remotely using the SmileMate assessment tool directly through doctors practice websites.

Opening up a dedicated 24/7 hotline to answer any questions or needs during the pandemic.

The priority has always been the customers and patients. 

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