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Dr. Pranjali Shah informs about types of diabetes and also about the diagnostic test for diabetes. She also explains about symptoms of diabetes. She also explains diet for diabetes to prevent it in long run.

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Dr. Pranjali Shah is a well-known Diabetologist based in Mumbai. With 12 years of experience, Currently, She is working with Eyeheal Complete Vision Care and Apt, Diabetes Clinic. Apt Diabetes Clinic ka APT stands for awareness, prevention, and treatment of diabetes ..this being her own venture and motto..Dr. Shah is Director and Chief Diabetologist here. She specializes in all types of Diabetes and all its complications especially Diabetes in Children and pregnancies Beyond affiliation with many hospitals, she is an active member of the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI). And she has national and international publications in the field of Diabetes

Types and classification of Diabetes 

Dr. Pranjali Shah says, “Diabetes is pandemic and is spreading worldwide. The commonest type of diabetes is Type 2 Diabetes problems with sugar levels. The types of Diabetes are- 

  • Type 1 Diabetes 
  • Type 2 Diabetes 
  • Maturity onset Diabetes 
  • Early Onset Type 2 Diabetes 
  • Diabetes in Pregnancy

Based on cause and pathophysiology, the diagnosis of diabetes is done. Children suffering from type 1 diabetes need insulin. There is a lack of production of insulin in type 1 diabetes due to autoimmune disease. Type 1 diabetes patients need insulin for their entire life. 

Type 2 Diabetes with long-standing cases where tablets are not working, insulin injections may be needed. 

In pregnancy diabetes, tablets can damage the child, hence insulin injections are given. This is called gestational diabetes. The main role after delivery in such cases is played by lifestyle and motivation. 

Diagnosis of Diabetes 

Dr. Pranjali Shah informs, “If there are symptoms like- 

  • Urinary infection 
  • Weight loss or gain 
  • Slow wound healing

Check sugar levels in case of such symptoms. The test done is GTT ( Glucose Tolerance Test) 

GTT ( Glucose Tolerance Test)- where we do a sugar test by giving a glucose drink to the patient and then check how well his pancreas works. We check fasting levels and after glucose levels.

HbA1c - It is a random test at any time of the day and if it is more than 6 % means you have diabetes. 

Also, check out for symptoms of diabetes like- 

Acanthosis Nigracians - Blackish discoloration of the neck. This starts 5 years before the onset of diabetes. This happens due to insulin resistance. 

Diet for Diabetes 

Dr. Pranjali Shah states,” This is the diet advice we suggest for diabetes - 

  • Increase fiber 
  • Increase protein 
  • Reduce calories 
  • Do not stop rice and roti 
  • Have salads for lunch and sprouts for breakfast 
  • Fruits have fiber and take in between meals. Do not have fruits with meals 
  • Timely meals - Follow a meal pattern 
  • Small meals at a time
  • Avoid maida, bread, and rice at night which will increase fat deposition
  • Avoid sugar and direct honey 

This will control diabetes control. “ 

Complications of Diabetes 

Dr. Pranjali Shah tells, “Diabetes affects each and every cell of the body. It affects the blood sugar levels which has a direct impact on cells and affects immunity levels causing repeated infections. Diabetes can cause co-morbidities like - 

  • Thyroid problems 
  • Unhealthy Weight loss 
  • Hairfall problems 
  • Tissue damage of eyes, heart, kidneys, and legs 
  • Nerve problems 
  • Affects blood circulation 
  • Nonhealing ulcers 
  • Thickening of toenails 

A yearly checkup can help to detect the foot analysis.”

Edited By: Dr. Rati Parwani 

Contributed By: Dr.Pranjali Shah, Diabetologist, Eyeheal Complete Vision Care and Apt, Diabetes Clinic. Apt Diabetes Clinic

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