Dr. Kalyan Banerjee's Clinic Issues 5 Million Homeopathic Prescriptions in Just Over Four Decades of its Existence

▴ Dr. Kalyan Banerjees Clinic Issues 5 Million Homeopathic Prescriptions in Just Over Four Decades of its Existence
One of the oldest and the most renowned homeopathy clinic of Delhi/NCR has issued a ground-breaking 5 million prescriptions ever since its inception in 1977. More than 80% (approximately 4 million) prescriptions have been issued during charitable hours of the clinic

One of the oldest and the most renowned homeopathy clinic of Delhi/NCR, CR Park based Dr. Kalyan Banerjee's Clinic, has issued a ground-breaking 5 million prescriptions to patients ever since it was set up in 1977. Now, more than eight hundred prescriptions are issued by the clinic every day.

The clinic, which has patients coming in from all corners of the country as well as the globe, has also issued hundreds of thousands of prescriptions to patients not just in person but using postal services, the telephone, email and other forms of communication. It now has patients in over 90 countries, including far flung parts of the world.

Commenting on the growing popularity of the clinic, Dr. Kalyan Banerjee, M.D. (Hom.), Padma Shri recipient, says, "Due to its international reputation, there are a very high number of patients who want treatment from our clinic but are unable to visit Delhi. Our clinic has garnered a reputation for being able to provide help to patients who have run out of options. As a result, patients of very complicated, life threatening and sometimes incurable cases find their way to the clinic."

The clinic, today, employs 10 doctors. The vast majority of the prescriptions have been written out by Dr. Kalyan Banerjee himself. In the last 15 years or so, his son, Dr. Kushal Banerjee has shouldered the responsibility of this exponentially growing practice. In addition to them, a team of senior doctors trained by Dr. Kalyan Banerjee and with decades of experience themselves tend to the throngs of patients visiting the clinic every day.

This is a huge accomplishment by itself but what makes this even more important is that more than 80%, almost 4 million prescriptions have been issued without any consultation charges, as part of the charity work conducted at the clinic every single day for the last four decades.

Dr. Kushal Banerjee says, "This is a homeopathic practice unlike any other. Due to the scientific, evidence-based approach at our clinic, the entire team is able to manage difficult cases with established treatment protocols and uniform outcomes. Over a hundred cases of cancer patients visit our clinic every day. Patients with advanced organ failures, difficult auto-immune conditions, multi-drug resistant infections are also commonly seen, waiting for the doctors at Dr. Kalyan Banerjee's Clinic. Common conditions like respiratory infections, skin diseases and others are also treated at the clinic in very high numbers."

Dr. Kalyan Banerjee has been meticulous in the preservation of his patient records. This is the reason why his practice has evolved into this evidence-based and highly successful juggernaut of homeopathy. Every single patient record from the first day of his practice in September, 1977 is preserved even today. These serve as the basis of analysis of outcomes and results so that the treatment protocols can be developed, and patient care is continuously improved.

Dr. Kalyan and Dr. Kushal Banerjee's plans for the future of the clinic include developing more and more homeopathic protocols that will help serve the society on a continual basis. Dr. Kushal Banerjee says, "From the first day of his practice, Dr. Kalyan Banerjee has devoted half of his day, every day, to the service of society by working for free for his patients. This will continue in full force and is part of the core values of our clinic. Even today, Dr. Kalyan Banerjee himself does not miss a single day of his charity work. This ethos is inculcated in all the doctors and staff who work with us. We will continue to train more doctors so that more and more patients can benefit from the highly successful treatment regimens developed at Dr. Kalyan Banerjee's Clinic. Research is an important area for us. Adding to high quality evidence from homeopathy is another form of philanthropy which will benefit society and the medical community at large."

The Gurgaon and Noida arms of the clinic are already immensely popular amongst patients. And depending on the need of the patients, Dr, Kalyan Banerjee also plans to open new clinics in times to come.

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