Say no to stress with these relaxing tips post pandemic

Boost your mental health and live a stress-free life with these easy tips

Today's lifestyle has become such that most people are under stress due to the current pandemic which is directly affecting their health. Here are some tips by following which you can lead a stress-free life.

Small breaks are essential - Keeping the body and mind fresh through a home vacation is the easiest and most effective way to show kindness to yourself. After enjoying your lunch in the afternoon, do take a break of half an hour. Never eat your food at the work desk. After wrapping the office work in the evening, go to the park and walk barefoot on the grass for 15 to 20 minutes, all your fatigue will go away. Even if you have got the facility of work from home, then set a proper time to start and end your office timings and implement it strictly. 

Enhance your creativity – Sparing some time for hidden creativity is also very helpful in the secretion of good hormones, in fact, creativity generates a sense of empowerment and freedom in the mind. We tend to forget all the worries for a few moments. At this time, you can choose a hobby that can be fulfilled while living within the boundary of the house. Spare some time every day for your creativity. For example, if you like to spend time in the shade of nature or do gardening, then make a small garden on the balcony. If you love to cook, try some new dishes every day, if you are fond of writing, then share your personal experiences in your diary.

There is no bad thing in saying no - It is good to be dedicated to work but it is very important to assess the physical and mental abilities. To stay stress-free and productive, accept only as many goals as you can afford to accomplish. If you are sitting on a responsible post, then before taking any work into your hands, make sure that it does not put extra pressure on your team. Prioritize the assigned project for the team, don't put unnecessary pressure on completing the task. 

Find excuses to make phone calls - In this era, people are going through many unexpected tough times. Some are losing their jobs and some are worried about their loved ones getting infected. Find some of the other excuses to call your colleagues, loved ones. During this call, instead of work, talk about your personal life, your feelings. It is also effective in reducing the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol.

Surprises are always great - Every morning as soon as you wake up, ask yourself how you can make your day and your loved ones happy, that too without any preparation. Take your partner for a long drive and plan a picnic for your kids. Pack something from home and take it with friends. Make video calls to elders. Relive all good old memories. You can send messages to your loved ones who are going through difficult times.

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