Easy way to sharpen your mind and increase memory:

Sharpen your brain with these remedies which can help you to improve your memory power. These herbs are powerful to improve memory and skills.

The brain is that part of our body without which no part of the body part can function. By including some special herbs in your diet, you can sharpen your mind.


Jatamansi is a herb rich in medicinal properties. It is called Jatamansi because its roots have hair-like fibers attached to them. It is a panacea for the brain, it acts slowly but effectively. Apart from this, it is also a perfect medicine to sharpen memory. Mixing one spoon of Jatamasi in a cup of milk makes the brain sharp.


A herb called Bahmi is also called a tonic for the brain. It provides peace and clarity to the mind and also helps in strengthening memory. Mixing half a teaspoon of Brahmi powder and honey in warm water makes the brain sharp.

Shank push

Along with increasing the brain, Shankh Pushpi also promotes our creativity by the proper circulation of blood in the brain.  To sharpen the brain, mix half a teaspoon of the conch shell in a cup of hot water.


Cinnamon is not only a garam masala but also a herb. It is very good medicine to sharpen the mind. Taking a pinch of cinnamon powder mixed with honey regularly at bedtime provides relief in mental stress and sharpens the mind.


Turmeric is a very good herb for the brain. It not only adds to the taste and color of the food but also helps in keeping the mind healthy. The chemical element curcumin found in turmeric helps in repairing the damaged cells of the brain and its regular consumption does not cause Alzheimer's disease.


Nutmeg is also a useful herb among the herbs that sharpen the mind. Consuming a small amount of nutmeg with a hot effect makes the brain sharp. By eating this, you never get Alzheimer's disease.

Celery leaves

Apart from the aroma of the food, celery leaves also help in keeping the body healthy. The anti-oxidants present in abundance it work as a medicine for the brain.


Tulsi is a well-known herb for the treatment of many diseases. The powerful antioxidants present in it improve blood flow to the heart and brain. Also, the anti-inflammatory found in it provides protection from diseases like Alzheimer's.


Saffron is one such herb, which is used to enhance the taste of food as well as in medicines to relieve insomnia and depression. 

Black pepper

A chemical called piperine found in black pepper relaxes the cells of the body and mind. This chemical also works like magic to remove depression. That is why use black pepper to keep the mind healthy.

Try these remedies right away to sharpen your brain and stay tuned for more. 

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