FDA warns 10 companies for illegally selling dietary supplements for mental health disorder and depression

The FDA agency is committed to protecting the public from unlawful dietary supplements. The public should also ensure safety and care for their health before indulging in these highly claimed supplements as their responsibility to better health

Advertising of illegal health products for mental disorders in print and electronic media, websites, traffic poles, and other public banners is focusing on some important news. There are some supplements that have come to light that are claiming to be “therapeutic” for mental health. 

The “magic bullet “ in the dietary supplements do not work

The use of these supplements should be avoided as they may contain some harmful steroids which can create a negative impact on the brain. These ads often include ”magic bullet” promises such as 100% cure for depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. They are often said to have immediate relief from depression and anxiety but, on the other hand, can be dangerous to your health. These promising claims should be taken into consideration to ensure the safety of public health. 

The supplement claims can be misleading to the public

Each FDA-approved drug and medicine is gone through scrutiny and check-up before it is put forward for public use. It is important to ensure approval of advertisements of supplements, traditional medicines, and over-the-counter drugs. These advertisements of various health products and supplements must undergo vigorous scrutiny such as screening, verification, and review prior to approval. This is to ensure that the presentation is not misleading and it should be accurate and evidence-based information to the customers and patients. Medical claims in advertising should be taken care of as the patient is going to consume these supplements which may cause side effects in the long run. 

Banning illegal companies is very important for the health and safety of an individual 

The FDA must make provisions to ensure the publication of claims and should observe the specific guidelines. Advertisements must be regulated to ensure that the information received by companies is not misleading, and accurate, and supported by authentic evidence. There should be a ban on illegal advertising by selfish and profit-minded marketers. These illegal advertisements are found on various websites and leaflets. It is found that these ads do not go through the screening and evaluation process by FDA. It is a great challenge to curb these difficulties of illegal ads as the publication is seen not to be evidence-based through legitimate channels. It is important to be more responsible in publications of food, cosmetic and medical devices. these ads are exaggerated with medical claims and should be dismissed immediately for the health of the patient. 

FDA ensures the safety of public health this pandemic 

The FDA is playing an important role in constantly monitoring these supplements in the market. FDA is issued a total number of 10 warning letters to the supplement companies which are dealing with mental health supplements. The Ministry of Health plays a very important role in overcoming these issues. It is important to note that the public should not be fooled and should be alert before consumption of these supplements and speak to their doctors. The public is urged not to purchase these supplements from unreliable sources and internet websites. 

Be careful of the healthcare products available on different websites this pandemic 

The healthcare industry is booming in this COVID19 pandemic with all the eCommerce platforms and other supplements coming up in the healthcare sector which is not safe and found to have some drug interactions as well. Treasure your health as it is very precious and should not be put at stake with the consumption of these products from illegal resources. Unregistered and adulterated health products or cosmetics without notification can be dangerous to health. 

The FDA agency is committed to protecting the public from unlawful dietary supplements. 

Dietary supplements that claim to cure, treat, mitigate or prevent depression and other mental health disorders are unapproved drugs that can potentially harm consumers who use these products instead of seeking proven treatments from qualified professionals. This is especially concerning the ongoing pandemic, where consumers are more susceptible to depression and mental health issues. The FDA agency is committed to protecting the public from unlawful dietary supplements. 

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