Herbs for Sound Sleep - Boost Your Melatonin Hormone Naturally

Herbs for Melatonin: Boosting the level of melatonin is very important for good and sound sleep. Check out the best herbs to boost the melatonin hormone naturally.

It is very important to have the right level of melatonin in the body for good and deep sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness in our body. If you want good and sound sleep, then you should focus on the melatonin hormone naturally. There are some herbs in Ayurveda that can increase the level of melatonin. Today we will tell you about such herbs for sound sleep. Let us know which herbs increase the level of melatonin effectively and naturally. 

Tops 6 herbs for sound sleep 


Brahmi or Bacopa is one such herb that can help you achieve restful sleep. It mentally calms the mind, which can improve concentration and alertness. Brahmi is called a brain tonic in Ayurveda and is known to relieve digestive problems. Along with improving blood circulation in the body, it can be very helpful in getting good and deep sleep.


Shankhpushpi is an Ayurvedic herb, which contains flavonoids, glycosides, and alkaloids that can help you by relieving mental fatigue. Its use gives calmness to the nervous system. It acts as a natural tranquilizer for anxiety and neurosis and helps in relieving complaints of insomnia.


Vacha has a calming effect on our brain, which can relieve stress and complaints of insomnia. It is rich in cooling properties that relax the nerves, which leads to a sound sleep. This herb acts as a tonic for your nervous system, which can relieve stress and many other problems.


Sarpagandha contains more than 50 alkaloids. These alkaloids can help reduce high blood pressure which can cause sleep problems. In such a situation, it is helpful in increasing the melatonin in our body.


Ashwagandha works to promote good sleep. As per studies, ashwagandha contains an active compound called trimethylene glycol that has been found in it, which is very helpful for inducing sleep. Consuming Ashwagandha can help relieve anxiety, stress, and exhaustion.


Jatamasi is a natural brain tonic and memory enhancer, which also provides peace and relaxation to a disturbed mind. It nourishes the nervous system, which leads to good and deep sleep.

You can use these Ayurvedic herbs to increase the level of melatonin in the body. This will help regulate sleep cycle and give sound sleep. 

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