How to get healthy nails?

Looking to flaunt beautiful nails? Well, before you start applying those beautiful nail polishes, it is important to have healthy nails. Let us help you get started with some solutions to healthy nails.

Our nails also need an equal amount of attention as any other part of the body. Healthy nails are a reflection of how we keep ourselves. Healthy nails do not always require expensive manicures or pedicures. We can follow some nail care tips at home with healthy solutions for beautiful nails. 

Triggers that can harm nails  

There are many triggers that can harm the nails. Awareness about them is important to avoid the triggers and keep the nail problem at bay. Let us tell you about some triggers which can harm nails. 

  • Overexposure to water 
  • Excessive hand washing 
  • Using too much sanitizer may dry out nails 
  • Bad quality of nail beauty products 
  • Washing detergents or harsh soaps or cleansers
  • An unhealthy diet or lack of calcium 

Symptoms of unhealthy nails 

The symptoms of unhealthy nails are as follows- 

  • Brittle nails 
  • Chipping of nails 
  • Uneven edges 
  • Peeling of nails 
  • Loss of nails led 
  • Nail infection 

Home tips for healthy nails

The home tips for healthy nails are as follows- 

Wear gloves 

Wearing gloves is very important especially if you are handling excessive water and detergent while washing clothes, utensils, or cleaning the house. It is advisable to wear gloves even while cooking to avoid any kind of breakage of nails. 

Keep them short 

Short nails require less maintenance as compared to long nails. There are higher chances of dust accumulation in the case of shorter nails. Also, they look neat and do not cause any breakage. 

Avoid artificial nails

Getting artificial nails is the latest trend but has many downsides. It may damage and weaken the original nails. Artificial nails may also have higher chances of dirt accumulation which may result in bacteria production causing infection of nails. 

Have a good diet and Keep yourself hydrated 

Maintain a healthy diet enriched with vitamins and minerals. It is important to consume a high diet of calcium and protein which is good for nail health. Also, keep yourself hydrated well. 

Moisturize the nails 

Moisturization of nails is very important to avoid cuticle damage. Using a shea butter-enriching moisturizer works great for healthy nails. 

Use good quality hand sanitizer 

With covid pandemic in the past, it became necessary to sanitize hands. It is important to use a hydrating hand sanitizer or you can also moisturize your hands regularly post-sanitizer use. 

Follow these tips for healthy beautiful nails 

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