University of Minnesota starts clinical trials for Covid 19 along with Laurus Labs and Rising Pharma

▴ University of Minnesota
The companies will work with the University of MInnesota to explore hydroxychloroquine as preventive treatment for coronavirus disease.
Laurus Labs and Rising Pharma joins hands for clinical trial of Covid 19 vaccine .The companies will be working with University of Minnesota and try to figure out the role of hydroxychloroquine as a preventive medicine .The drug is already in use as a treatment for several diseases like lupus,rheumatoid arthritis ,several types of Malaria etc 
Dr David Boulaware from University of Minnesota along with his research team will be conducting the experiment on 1,500 household workers and healthcare professionals with high risk of contamination.
According to him, “New drugs could save the lives of severely ill patients, and given prophylactically, can also protect healthcare workers and others at high risk of infection,” said Dr Boulware in commenting on the partnership. “We are grateful for the fast-track support of industry with this important study and believe our efforts will provide important answers about dealing with this virus.”
Vimal Kavuru, CEO, Rising Pharmaceuticals said, “We started talking to the University of Minnesota just over a week ago and have fast tracked our efforts to support this critically needed study. We are actively supporting research in this area to help build better clinical guidelines” while Dr Satyanarayana Chava, CEO, Laurus Labs added, “We are proud to assist this reputable institution and assist in the ongoing search for effective therapeutics against this global pandemic. We hope this research will underscore the clinical benefit of this drug in protecting our brave healthcare workers.”
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