Confirmed cases of COVID doubles in the US

▴ Confirmed cases of COVID doubles in the US
California tells residents to stay home as cases increase rapidly in the country; China records no new local coronavirus cases for the second day

Worldwide travel limitations are drastically increasing amid the developing coronavirus episode, with U.S. authorities asking Americans abroad to get back or plan to protect set up and the whole territory of California going into powerful lockdown as affirmed U.S. cases multiplied in the previous 48 hours.

China on Friday reported for the second continuous day that no new nearby diseases were recorded in the nation the earlier day. Out of 39 diseases affirmed on Thursday, all were imported from abroad, Chinese authorities stated, as the episode seems to slow in where it was first recorded before the end of last year.

In Italy, where the legislature is expanding its huge scope lockdown, the loss of life moved to 3,405 on Thursday. More individuals have now kicked the bucket from the ailment in Italy than in China, and funeral homes there are coming up short on space.

Most Asian markets posted humble gains on Friday after U.S. stocks ripped at back some ground Thursday, with the Dow shutting over the 20,000 level. However, vulnerability waits about the financial cost the pandemic will take on U.S. families as limitations overturn ordinary business.

Here are some noteworthy advancements:

Authorities state the number of cases in the United States will keep on rising forcefully as more test outcomes become accessible.

India banned approaching business flights for seven days, as more nations shut their outskirts to noncitizens.

Senate Republicans presented a $1 trillion financial bundle — the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act — which incorporates sending direct money installments to numerous Americans.

President Trump dropped the in-person G-7 summit planned for June at Camp David, due to the coronavirus pandemic, choosing rather hold the yearly gathering by video conference

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