Johnson & Johnson Vision to Pioneer Integrated Eye Health Ecosystem in Singapore

▴ Johnson & Johnson Vision to Pioneer Integrated Eye Health Ecosystem in Singapore
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Johnson & Johnson Vision, a global leader in eye health and part of the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies, is pioneering an integrated eye health ecosystem to meet Singaporeans’ eye health needs at every life stage, with the support of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) for talent development.

Despite sight being the most precious of our five senses, and accounting for 80 per cent of what we learn and remember,[1] eye health remains severely underrepresented in Singaporeans’ healthcare priorities. This is despite Singaporeans being extremely vulnerable to eye diseases and disorders at every life stage.

The cost from a physical and financial perspective in Singapore is almost unparalleled. Myopia affects one in two children by the age of 12, and 83 per cent will be myopic at the age of 18.[2] Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of vision loss in adults, and risk of blindness increases fifteen-fold for those aged 50 to 80 and above.[3] The economic burden across all eye diseases is expected to increase significantly by 2040.[4]

In response, Johnson & Johnson Vision will establish a consumer-centric, experiential eye health ecosystem that connects key stakeholders in the eye health journey – patients or consumers, caregivers, eye care professionals, and other industry stakeholders – seamlessly. The ecosystem will be built to meet these objectives:

Support eye care professionals by increasing their capacity to provide eye health and care services, by combining in-depth industry expertise with innovative digital capabilities;
Increase Singaporeans’ access to eye health and care; and
Improve knowledge of eye health and vision needs among the public, through hyper-personalisation of patient care.
Best in Class Eye Health Initiatives

The ecosystem will focus on data and digitalisation initiatives that will ensure eye health in Singapore keeps abreast of technological advancements into the future. Mapped out across a three-year roadmap, key initiatives that will be piloted include a community eye health e-referral network, people-centric eye care powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and telehealth (see visual below for more information). The ecosystem is intended to lead the way for delivery of eye care in the Asia Pacific region, and be the gold standard for eye health innovation.

Mr Vaibhav Saran, Area Vice President for Vision Care in APAC, Johnson & Johnson Vision, said, “Neglecting eye health can lead to us losing the most precious of our senses: Sight. Yet over one billion preventable cases of vision impairment globally are left unaddressed.[5] As a global leader in eye health, we have the power to shape the future of healthcare through data, partnerships, and talent. We have the responsibility of building an integrated ecosystem that is in tune with the needs of patients throughout their life journey, and an ecosystem that leaves no one behind.”

Mr Peter Menziuso, Worldwide President, Vision Care, Johnson & Johnson Vision, said, “At Johnson & Johnson Vision we’re working every day to help people see better, connect better, live better. Nearly half the world’s population is projected to be myopic by 2050 – disproportionately impacting children[6] – and we’re delivering innovative solutions to change the trajectory of eye health for families around the world, including here in Singapore.”

Eye Health Jobs of the Future

With a focus on data and digitalisation, this project is intended to foster up to 40 local next-generation talent in leadership positions with the support of EDB. These talents will drive key initiatives across 26 different professions, covering areas such as cybersecurity, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design, AI development, and blockchain.

Ms Goh Wan Yee, Senior Vice President, Healthcare, EDB, said, “EDB supports Johnson & Johnson Vision’s commitment to pioneer an integrated eye health ecosystem and elevate the standard of care for eye health. This project provides exciting job opportunities in Singapore for digital talent to enter and support the growing healthcare sector, and also reinforces Singapore’s position as a leading innovation hub for digital health.”

Changing the Trajectory of Eye Health

The project, which will see Johnson & Johnson Vision projected to invest in excess of SGD 10 million over three years, will also complement its existing activities to improve access, capacity, and hyper-personalisation in the delivery of eye care in Singapore.

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