Major tech events cancelled or postponed owing to Coronavirus scare

▴ Major tech events cancelled or postponed owing to Coronavirus scare
Coronsvirus outbreak hits some of the biggest tech conferences have either been cancelled, postponed or converted into virtual-only events.

As the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) is spreading its wings beyond China, the most important sector that has been most impacted by the epidemic is that the tech industry. The epidemic has surprised the tech industry such a lot that it's affected global supply chains and consumer demand. Many major tech events are either cancelled or postponed due to Coronavirus, hurting the local economy concerned.
A panic mode-like situation is ahead of show organisers, who are compelled to convert tech events into virtual conferences. This has also affected airlines, hotels, travel agents, sponsors, exhibitors, and therefore the entire chain that's usually hooked into big, massive tech events like Mobile World Congress, Game Developers’ Conference and Google I/O. As of Wednesday, there are over 90,000 Coronavirus cases and 3203 deaths confirmed worldwide.
Here may be a list of all tech events that are cancelled, postponed, or going virtual.
Mobile World Congress (CANCELLED)
The first tech event that got cancelled thanks to the Coronavirus epidemic was the world’s largest mobile fair, Mobile World Conference (MWC), which takes place in Barcelona within February. The cancellation of MWC 2020 has not only been an enormous blow for the economy of Barcelona also heavily impacted smartphone vendors, telecom gear makers, and network operators.
Major smartphone vendors including Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, Sony, and HMD Global (Nokia), among others, were alleged to show their upcoming lineup of devices. As high-profile exhibitors started coitus interruptus of the show on the growing fears of Coronavirus, event organiser GSMA had no choice but to cancel the event. quite 100,000 delegates attend MWC, about 6000 of whom travel from China per annum.
Google I/0 (CANCELLED)
Google is cancelling its flagship annual developer conference, Google I/O, thanks to Coronavirus. The I/O is Google’s flagship conference, which usually attracts over 5000 developers. It’s a crucial conference on many levels because it's the sole platform where Google showcases its next version of the Android mobile OS also as new features coming to YouTube, Google Assistant and Google Photos.
Google also used the annual developer conference to launch a replacement smartphone love it did last year with the revealing of the Pixel 3a. This year, Google was alleged to launch the Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL at I/O 2020. Google I/O was thanks to happening between May 12 and should 14.
Microsoft MVP summit (VIRTUAL-ONLY)
Microsoft is cancelling its in-person MVP summit thanks to the Coronavirus outbreak. Instead, Microsoft decided to run the event as an online-only conference. The event remains scheduled to require place between March 16 and 20 in Seattle. The annual MVP may be a multi-day event that has technical and feedback sessions for Microsoft MVPs. Microsoft also holds its annual Build developer conference within May. there's no information on whether this conference also will be cancelled or the event will run as a virtual-only conference.
Google Cloud Next conference (VIRTUAL-ONLY)
Google has cancelled its biggest annual conference, Google Cloud Next, because of growing Coronavirus concerns within the US. This year’s Google Cloud Next was alleged to be held in San Francisco between April 6 and eight. While the in-person event is not any longer happening, Google remains holding the conference as a “digital-first” event. the corporate says it plans to refund attendees both the value of tickets for the event and hotel stays, and every one the registered attendees are going to be given a digital version of the event instead.
Facebook F8 (CANCELLED)
Facebook said on Thursday that it had cancelled its F8 annual developer conference. Facebook F8 was alleged to happen in San Jose from May 5-6 this year. The social networking giant uses its Facebook F8 conference to point out new features coming to the platform.
This year’s Game Developers Conference has been postponed amid Coronavirus fears. this is often the primary time in 30 years, the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco has been postponed until this summer. The new date has not been announced yet. Last year, the annual Game Developers Conference drew over 30,000 game developers and publishers. GDC’s postponement comes days after several high-profile exhibitions including Facebook, Google, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Electronic Arts and Epic Games (known for “Fortnite”) had decided to tug out of the conference thanks to employees health concerns from the Covid-19. Last year, Google announced its hyped Stadia cloud-based computer game streaming service at GDC 2019.
Apple Spring event, WWDC 2020 (NOT SURE)
The growing spread of Coronavirus has mounted pressure on Apple to either cancel or postpone its Spring hardware event also because of the annual developer conference, WWDC 2020. These two events are critical for Apple because the corporate is predicted to launch the “budget” iPhone 9 at a spring event in March and iOS 14 at WWDC 2020. Till date, Apple has not announced an update on whether these events are happening as per schedule. albeit Apple plans to launch the iPhone 9 at a March special event, supplies and production could also be constrained thanks to Coronavirus.

Xiaomi, Realme turn upcoming launches into virtual ones
Two of the most important smartphone brands in India, Xiaomi and Realme, are not any longer holding their upcoming launches as in-person events. Brands decided to have the virtual-only launch of the Redmi Note 9 and Realme 6 series. Both brands aren't during a position to cancel the launch events entirely because the 2 devices are critical to Redmi (Xiaomi) and Realme from the commercial point of view. If the new phones get delayed, both brands are going to be impacted badly. So it's good to ascertain that both Redmi and Realme are launching new devices through virtual events – a minimum of they're reaching bent consumers anyway.

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