Medicircle- The Voice of Healthcare Presents Doctor's Day - 1 st July 2021

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Let us go ahead and celebrate this Doctor’s Day with pride and pay gratitude to our doctors for making this day special. Medicircle brings together all the doctors from different segments of the medical fraternity on one healthcare platform

We have not seen god but we have seen doctors. We have seen doctors in the form of healers, life saviors, protectors, and many more. Pandemic like COVID has shown a new form of them as “frontline warriors”. They are putting their own life, their loved ones to save your life and your loved ones.

Let us keep up to the real essence of a doctor

Doctors are living gods on earth. Doctors have nurtured our lives, right from the time of our birth to our last breath. They fight for our life at the time when we are losing our hope due to any form of a life-threatening situation. It is a matter of great regret that doctors who save our lives are often assaulted, abused, or insulted by patients or their caretakers. 

Doctors this COVID pandemic

Many of them sacrificed their lives in the line of duty in treating COVID patients. They do fear but their duty is above all. Duty to treat patients, duty to keep humanity alive makes them work round the clock. Some even go beyond their duties to help patients. Their sacrifice is priceless. It will not be an exaggeration to give doctors the status of a god.

On this Doctor’s day, let’s pledge together to treat them as ‘humans’ first. It’s time to show humanity towards them and respect them for their priceless efforts.

We would like to thanks these medical doctors and experts who have motivated us on this Doctor’s Day and gives their messages to our viewers on the healthcare platforms, “Medicircle- The voice of Healthcare

Doctors who gave their valuable contribution:

Dr. Milap Shah Dr. Nupur Gupta Dr. Rachit Gulati Dr. Sarika Verma Dr. Dwibhashi Karteek Dr. Neha Singh Dr. Prasenjit Chatterjee Dr. Aniruddha Bhuiyan Dr. Sonam Solanki Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Dr. Nilesh Banthia Dr. Maya Sharma Dr. Anshuman Dr.Nivedita Dhingra Dr.Sudhir Dagaonkar Dr. Vanita Arora Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari Dr. Dhrumil Panchal Dr. Aseem Sharma Dr. Rahul Kamble Dr. Arnab Karmakar Dr. Aniket mohite Dr. Manoj Gupta Dr. Sangita Chauhan Dr. Anil Kamat Dr. Vijay Chinchole Dr. Kamlesh Desai Dr. Darshan Parekh Dr sachet Chandak Dr. Kareeshma Wadia Dr. Poonam Solanki Dr. Seema Behl Dr. CV Ramani Dr. Rachana Bhargava Dr. Sheba Singh Dr. Sudipta Roy  Dr. Nitin Sampat Dr. Sandeep Singh Dr. Shilpa Jasubhai Dr. Hemal Barcha Dr. Praneet Kumar Dr. Vivek Gupta Dr. Keyur Gutte Dr. Suruchi Desai Dr. Santosh Tiwari Dr. Amrit Dr. Shravan Kumar Dr. Shruti Jadhav Dr. Tawheed Ahmad Dr. Usha Jain Dr. Chander Lulla Dr. Rajni Sharma

Let’s join our hands to thank the hand that brought us to the world.

Happy Doctors Day

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