MetroMedi Introduces AI and Data Analytics-Based Health Advisory Services. the fastest growing Online Pharmacy, e-Health & Wellness store based out of South India (Hyderabad), has launched Health Advisory Services for their Customer's Health and Well-being to reduce the usage of medicines with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence., India's fastest-growing online pharmacy and e-Health & Wellness store, has launched Health Advisory Services for their customers' health and well-being, using Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to reduce medicine usage.

In healthcare, data analytics can be used to improve every aspect of patient care and operations management. It aids in the improvement of clinical care, disease prevention, and the assessment of the efficacy of various treatment options.

Integrating AI into the healthcare ecosystem has a number of advantages, including automating tasks and analyzing large patient data sets to deliver better healthcare faster, as well as providing incredible insight into quality, improving methods, and improving patient outcomes.

"As part of this Health Advisory Service, the MetroMedi Health Advisory Expert Team will review their customers' previous Orders and recommend health tips and diet plans that may help them use fewer medicines." Metromedi Health Advisory Team arranges Online Doctor Consultation or Online Counselling if they require any additional information or for any Health Assistance/Problems," says Vaddi Satyanarayana, Chief Growth Officer at

On their Customers' request, MetroMedi had already launched "MetroMedi Relief", which helps with online consultations on mental health issues and sexual wellness problems.

Online mental health counseling has become popular in recent years as people seek help when life's challenges become emotionally overwhelming.  Mental health counselling is also very helpful in understanding one's own emotions and strengths. Online mental health counselling is provided by qualified, well-trained and experienced mental health experts.

"At MetroMedi Relief, our team of online counsellors, sexologists, psychologists, trained therapists, and Psychotherapists assists customers in selecting the best medication for their specific needs.  Everyone, we believe, deserves individualized, nonjudgmental mental health care. Improving access to high-quality mental health care for health plans. "Our coordinated care model allows us to provide integrative, comprehensive care for our patients, resulting in significant improvements in clinical outcomes," says Vaddi Satyanarayana,'s Chief Growth Officer.

"We at are revolutionizing healthcare experience by serving 2 lakh plus customers for Bharat, even in two and three-tier cities, by providing quick, efficient, affordable, and trusted healthcare and wellness to the people of Bharat by leveraging the existing network of pharmacies, Wellness, Emergency Health Startups, and Online Counseling through our," Satyanarayana concluded.

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