MetroMedi launches the MetroMedi Relief platform for mental and sexual health wellbeing.

In the Region, depression continues to be the leading mental health disorder, and is twice as frequent in women as in men. 10% to 15% of women in industrialized countries and 20% to 40% of women in developing countries suffer from depression during pregnancy or the postpartum period., India's fastest growing online pharmacy, e-Health & Wellness store, is now focusing on Mental Health and Sexual Wellness issues.

MetroMedi had already launched "MetroMedi Relief" in response to their customers' requests, which assists with online mental health consultations. MetroMedi Relief is now concentrating on providing online counselling for sexual wellness issues.

Do you know what causes these issues? This is where their team of online counsellors, sexologists, psychologists, trained therapists, and psychotherapists come in. This is precisely what MetroMedi Relief does for you.

In today's world, people turn to online mental health counselling when life's challenges become emotionally overwhelming.  Mental health counselling can also help people understand their own emotions and strengths.  Mental health experts who are qualified, well-trained, and experienced provide online mental health counselling.

Furthermore, we understand that discussing sex in India might be challenging at times, so don't fear. Sex issues may be resolved. Sex therapy might be helpful if you're having troubles in the bedroom. We have a team of certified sex therapists, sex counsellors, and sex therapists in India who are available to talk with you via phone, email, or chat- any medium that you are comfortable with from the comfort of your home/office/anywhere in the world and try to find the true cause of your sex problem. All you have to do is make an appointment with one of our sex counsellors and communicate with them through phone, email, or chat. We will keep your identity private. Your data and details are completely secure, "explains Vaddi Satyanarayana, Chief Growth Officer of"

MetroMedi Relief's staff of online counsellors, sexologists, psychologists, professional therapists, and psychotherapists assist consumers in selecting the right medicine for their unique requirements. They think that everyone has the right to get tailored, nonjudgmental mental health treatment. Improving health-plan access to high-quality mental health treatment. Their coordinated care strategy allows us to give integrative, complete treatment to our patients, resulting in substantial improvements in clinical results.

MetroMedi is gearing up to achieve the same top line like our competitors, who have 3000 stores with just 100 stores, by bundling online and offline more efficiently by utilizing Technology with Human connections. In MetroMedi's Unicorn journey. The 100 Brick & Mortar Stores Concept as Fulfilment centres play a significant role as the Hybrid Model will add strength to online is proven.

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