MoHAP introduces Rezum Therapy to treat enlarged prostate without surgical intervention

▴ mohap-introduces-fda-approved-rezum-therapy-treat-enlarged-prostate-without-surgical-intervention
Rezūm therapy is a new option for patients who are dissatisfied with their current choices for treating BPH

Al Qassimi Hospital in Sharjah at the Ministry of Health and Prevention, MoHAP, has introduced for the first time in the UAE the FDA-approved Rezūm therapy to treat the enlarged prostate without surgical intervention. The revolutionary Rezūm treatment takes only 5-10 seconds to complete.

“As part of our commitment to mitigating patients’ pain and changing their lives to the better, we strive to enhance innovation and excellence, adopt the best treatments in hospitals, attract the latest medical technology, raise the competence of our medical cadres, provide the best diagnostics and therapeutics, and implement standards of quality and distinction,” said HE Dr Youssif Al Serkal, Director-General of the Emirates Health Services Corporation and Assistant Undersecretary for the Hospital Sector.

This comes as part of MoHAP’s efforts to deliver a world-class healthcare system and achieve leadership in the health field.

Dr Kalthoum Al Baloushi, Director of MoHAP’s Hospitals Administration said the Rezūm therapy is a qualitative addition to Al Qassimi Hospital services thanks to MoHAP’s unlimited support and the provision of best resources to upskill the quality of health services and patient safety, lauding the competence of the medical staff and their ability to deal with critical cases, stressing the Hospitals Administration’s eagerness to further develop the health services and achieve quality and excellence in MoHAP’s hospitals.

Dr Arif Al Nooryani, the CEO of Al Qassimi Hospital, pointed to MoHAP’s keenness to provide the latest medical innovations and offer patients an ideal healthcare service.

“The Urology Department brings together a professional, competent, and highly skilled medical staff and is equipped with the latest technologies to provide an effective and safe treatment for patients,”

Al Nooryani added: “There’s no need any more for travelling abroad to receive this new therapy. This would help save patient’s time, effort, and money, thanks to MoHAP’s keenness to bring in the modern technologies and therapeutics to its health facilities for the health of community members.”

Dr Younis Al Shamsi, Consultant Urologist and Head of the Urology Department, Al Qassimi Hospital, said: “The Rezūm therapy is a safe technology and unpainful procedure. During the procedure, the urologist inserts a small narrow device through the urethra to deliver water vapour directly into the enlarged prostate tissue. For years, the primary options for treating prostate enlargement were through medications or surgery, making Rezūm a new option for patients who are dissatisfied with their current choices for treating BPH,”

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