Natural ways to clear phlegm and mucus from throat

Some mucus in your airways is a good thing. You need it to protect and moisturize your tissues. But congestion means there’s too much mucus in your body. It builds up when you have cold, irritated sinuses, or allergies, or when you breathe in smoke or pollutants

A slight change in the weather can spoil your health. When there is a change in the environment around you, you get the problem of cold, cough, and phlegm in the throat. The main reason for this is allergies, allergies to different things. Allergies and untreated conditions are the common cause of phlegm in the throat. As the weather changes, trees and plants around us release pollen, which in turn causes cough and phlegm.

Causes of the phlegmy throat - As the weather changes especially during winters, the morning air becomes cold, and this is the prime reason for phlegm in the throat. Cold air i.e. moisture-free air can cause dryness in our nose and throat. To fulfill the moisture, our body makes phlegm. This phlegm gives warmth and moisture to our respiratory tract which reduces irritation.

In winters, the flu, sinus infection, and common cold become viral which causes phlegm in the throat. Due to weak immunity, you often get sick, due to which there is a complaint of phlegm in the throat. The cold environment around you can also increase the risk of germs, which further give rise to phlegm in the throat. There can be genetic reasons too. Other infections are also responsible for the problem of phlegm in the throat. 

Simple remedies to remove phlegm from the throat – 

Take proper nutrition. Drink enough water. Do not take unnecessary mental stress, try to solve every problem with your mental power.  Do physical exercise because it is very important to keep the body and mind healthy.  Get a proper amount of sleep according to your age and hard work.  Make sure to brush twice once in the morning and after eating dinner.  While leaving the house, cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief, avoid eating outside food, especially raw fruits, vegetables, or contaminated water.  If you have a rough throat, then gargle with some lukewarm water and a bit of salt in it.  Ginger and black pepper relax the throat by reducing phlegm. Do not drink too much cold water, reduce the intake of ice cream and cold things.
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