Providing monitoring and spot checking in both preventive and curative care by Sharmila Devadoss, Founder and Managing Director, MedIoTek Health Systems

“We are moving towards a digital health ecosystem that will deliver personalized, hyperlocal healthcare delivery for all in the comfort and safety of their homes at an affordable cost,” says Sharmila Devadoss, Founder and Managing Director, MedIoTek Health Systems.

     A health system, also sometimes referred to as a health care system or as a healthcare system, is the organization of people, institutions, and resources that deliver health care services to meet the health needs of target populations.

Sharmila Devadoss, Founder and Managing Director, MedIoTek Health Systems has a specialty in Remote Patient Monitoring Platform, Digital health, Mobile Health, IoT. 

MedloTek Health Systems have a vision of a future in which mobile health technology enables patients, senior citizens and persons suffering from chronic heart/lung diseases can enjoy an improved quality of life at an affordable cost.

Medlo Tek Health Systems

Sharmila explains, “MedIoTek Health Systems is a health tech company based out of Chennai and we have been in the market for the past 4 years. We are the only company to provide four standardized workflows for remote monitoring and spot checks targeting both preventive and curative care. We have five custom workflows along with our strategic partners for logistics, construction, factories, schools, and corporate. We have impacted more than 300,000 people in the last three years,” she says.

Believe in the Democratization of healthcare

Sharmila elaborates, “Today healthcare delivery is hardly equitable.  It is one of the leading causes of poverty. Non-communicable diseases are a USD4.58T problem for India. The only solution is the implementation of scalable, affordable delivery models that enable preventive care. Such a solution is only possible with the help of technology - the confluence of mobility, IoT, cloud computing, and analytics, which is what the VinCense platform, is all about. It is built around India's first clinical-grade wearable tracking pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and skin temperature. We have integrated third party devices for BP, blood sugar, weight, and ECG. The spot check platform is capable of measuring 8 parameters in four min making it the right choice for mass NCD screening, with a 60% reduction in cost. The real-time surveillance capability makes VinCense the right technology platform for the democratization of health care,” she says.


Future trends in digital health

Sharmila sheds light on the subject, “With the Covid-10 outbreak, a seismic shift has occurred in healthcare delivery and management. We believe the time for digital health is here and now. We are about to witness an exponential improvement in healthcare delivery. Healthcare companies, large and small, are coming up with radical technological innovations. It’s about driving the continuum of care – care from birth to death for all global citizens. This would be a dream come true for public health leaders and the right digital health ecosystem can definitely help achieve this going forward.  Some of the key application areas emerging are:

Telemedicine Virtual care (Remote Health Monitoring, Remote NCD Screening and Management) Precision Medicine

We are moving towards a digital health ecosystem that will deliver personalized, hyperlocal healthcare delivery for all in the comfort and safety of their homes at an affordable cost,” she says.

The journey has been incredibly exciting

Sharmila shares her thought, “The journey so far has been incredibly exciting.  Having started out four years back when there was hardly any awareness about digital health, IoT etc, we had to find innovative ways to increase eyeballs and conversions. Different approaches had to be adopted for the segments we targeted - hospitals and corporates. Over the past three years, we have built a strong strategic partner network that has helped us make inroads into multiple sub-segments like logistics, construction, and so on. The impact we were able to create with our COVID-19 risk detection solution has been very gratifying indeed.  More than 20,000 screenings have taken place in the last three months and our customers have been able to identify high-risk individuals and test for COVID-19 leading to early intervention. We have recently been on board in Croma retail outlets and their online channel. We have tied up with partners in Africa and the Middle East as well. Our goal is to impact 150 million people in the next five years across the globe,” she says.

(Edited by Rabia Mistry Mulla)


Contributed By: Sharmila Devadoss, Founder and Managing Director, MedIoTek Health Systems
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