Quali55Care.com, India’s first medical equipment aggregator, has raised 65k USD as a partial fund from angel investors

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Quali55Care.com, India’s first medical equipment aggregator, has raised 65k USD as a partial fund from angel investors including promoters contribution in their first round of seed funding and aggressively pushing to close the round sooner

Quali55Care.com, India’s first medical equipment aggregator, has raised 65k USD as a partial fund from angel investors including promoters' contribution in their first round of seed funding and aggressively pushing to close the round sooner.

  • Quali55Care - Recovery Simplified is a brainchild of Harddik Patel (Founder and CEO) and wrapped with technology layer by Raj Manta (Co-founder and CTO)
  • The aggregator platform works in the niche segment of Durable Medical Equipment that makes Recovery Simplified with a smart recommendation engine
  • Quali55Care creates affordable health care solutions for home recovery.


Mumbai, 21st November ‘20: Mumbai-based vendor aggregator of Durable Medical Equipment has raised seed funding via India Accelerator’s Angel Investor Networks, which invests in promising startups.

Quali55Care was founded in 2018 when Mr. Harddik K Patel left his promising banking career in the year 2016 and shifted his focus on various health care companies to support the community at a large scale. Harddik’s 11+ years of strong banking experience of working with reputed banks such as HDFC, Standard Chartered, Kotak Mahindra gave him a strong B2C business understanding. Also, 5+ years of strong home healthcare startup expertise helped him understand the pain of the Indian healthcare industry. His co-founder, Mr. Raj Manta, who comes from a top IT company with 18+ years of sharp tech experience, is the backbone of the Quali55Care. The founding team also includes Ms. Shraddha Kanal, who is a promising young leader and mentor to turn business vision into reality by creating a strong and result-oriented successful team.  

“What is Quali55Care all about?” In Harddik’s words, “Quali55Care was incorporated in November 2018. Since its inception, our progress has been consistently promising so far, irrespective of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. During FY 2019-2020, we have served 2000+ customers and rented out 2400+ medical equipments in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Virar areas.”

A large number of the Indian population lacks basic healthcare support post-hospitalization during the recovery period. This creates a real hard struggle and difficult situation to find the right healthcare support at home without specialized direction. A large number of startups already provide home care services ranging from nursing care to doc support, home medicine delivery, doctors on-call services; yet the industry still lacks structured cost-effective medical equipments providers, who can supply the right equipments ensuring hassle-free doorstep delivery, which is a primary need of home recovery with everything under one roof.

In Harddik’s words, “Quali55Care has a focused vision to become India’s First aggregator for medical equipments vendors, just like how Zomato and Swiggy aggregate restaurants! The company aims to launch AI/ML fueled recommendation engine with multilingual Chatbot support for customers to make the right decisions to fulfill their immediate medical equipments requirements. With a patient-centric approach, the company also has various flexi and budget-friendly plans in place for investments, to enable people to start their own small business. We are also targeting to expand their service horizons pan Maharashtra and metro cities in the near future and want the larger population to reap benefits. The company also plans to invest in tech-based logistic support. Currently, We operate from their Mumbai office and also have a web presence, which also includes an online store (www.quali55care.com).”

“Being associated for more than 15+ years into the home healthcare industry, which is still a very niche stage; we have seen post-hospitalization support playing a very critical role. Giving right home care equipment support allows patients to recover faster and reduces pain in the pocket. I am sure the funding will help Quali55Care to improve patient experience and allow to touch and serve the larger community by offering smooth delivery at affordable rates.” said Mr. Jeegar Kothari, who has been a part of home care support for the last 15 years.

“With technology at its core, Quali55Care is enabling faster access to quality medical equipments. The home care space has huge growth potential and the team is absolutely committed to making patient care comfortable in the home as well as easy and affordable. This bridge round will help the team to evolve their technology to make their deliveries efficient and cost-effective.” Mona Singh, Co-founder of India Accelerator responded to the selection of the startup for their Cohort. Quali55Care has been incubated by India Accelerator into their Summer Cohort Program for the year 2020 and the investment round is led by India Accelerator’s iAngels Network. 

“Both my parents went through a phase where they needed medical equipment and allied services at home and it was not easy to find quick and affordable solutions. With a growing population of aging people, scores of others will need affordable home care solutions that are easy to find. The Quali55Care team comes with the right mix of talent, mindset, and drive to create value in the home healthcare segment. This funding should go a long way in helping them refine their technology and delivery experience for customers.” Mr. Hareesh Viriyala - startup ecosystem enabler and former entrepreneur based in Singapore, who is also one of the investors, had expressed his own experience on how the service is the need of the time. Mr. Rohit Sharma – Operations Director at United Health Group, Mr. Jeegar Kothari, and individual HNIs from Neev Angel Advisors LLP have also invested in the venture. 

The seed capital will be utilized by Quali55care to strengthen and establish tech support to enable smarter delivery by creating an AI-based recommendation engine for end users. Quali55Care also aims to create a larger inventory pool across various geographic locations and improve the value proposition by building an ecosystem.

After being bootstrapped for almost two years now and achieving product-market fit, the company plans to look for funding to scale and materialize its vision with the aim to provide Simplified Recovery by all means!

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