Rooting Back and their natural skincare solutions

There are only 7 women entrepreneurs for every 100 Indian entrepreneurs. Learn about 'Rooting Back,' an organic holistic skincare brand led by women entrepreneurs.

There are only 7 women entrepreneurs for every 100 Indian entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurship in India is worse than in countries like Botswana, Nigeria and Ghana according to the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs. A mere 7% of women in India are in an earning position. This section of the population contributes 17% to India’s GDP. A report on entrepreneurship claims that women-run businesses can create employment for 150 to 170 million Indians. 

Like all mothers, Aditi Singh & Karishma Jasra were worried about their child’s health. The prevalence of detergents, deodorants and soaps in one’s life can lead to harm for their child. While discussing their concerns with each other they realised that the solution for detergent caused eczema and irritation lie by substituting it with safer alternatives. 

They reached for the safest place to get their ingredients - the kitchen. By relying on the ingredients known and available in our kitchens, the women made all-natural and organic products with the trusted recipes of our nanimaas and dadimaas. They believed relying on natural products ill help them cut off the world’s obsession with using botox and fillers as a beautifying agent. The duo believed in holistic and natural products as the best way to gain beauty.

They started with an investment of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 8 lakh. Along with skincare, their venture Rooting Back also focused on gut health fixes. With Karishma’s knowledge in the field, they created products that are FSSAI approved and completely safe for children. 

Their product offerings include Skin Health Pamper, Build your own PM ritual hamper, Build your own AM hamper, Collagen pump, Skin perk, Skin B:Right, Hair Lush, Misterize, Glo Mine, HolyHydra, and Skin Supple. Skin B:Right is a water & fruit gel moisturiser with papaya, konjac and argan oil that brightens dull skin and de-tans whereas Collage Pump is a watermelon and gotu kola jelly-based mask that helps refresh and boost collagen production of the skin. 

In 2018 they started hosting workshops. The women-led venture soon received the opportunity to be part of the Mrs India Universe Panel in 2019. Will such home-grown brands be able to survive in a market filled with big players like Juicy Chemistry, Mamaearth and Plum in the organic personal care products market worth $571.43 million?

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