Seychelles reports surge in cases even after 85% vaccination

Seychelles have new cases even after covid vaccination

Seychelles reported an uptick in cases on Wednesday, according to the country’s Health Ministry, despite the fact that the island nation has already vaccinated 59,676 people -- 85% of its population.

The ministry reported 497 cases over a three-day period, it said in a Facebook post.To date, 6,373 cases of Covid-19 have been diagnosed in Seychelles. The country's national broadcaster, Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC,) reported in April that the South Africa variant had been found in several patients.

The rise in cases, which began last month, prompted the US Centers For Disease Control to issue a Level 4 Travel warning advising against going to the tourism-dependent country.

On Monday, the Health Ministry closed specialized medical clinics and suspended surgeries outside of emergency operations and cancer treatments.

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