Southeast Asia's Most Advanced Luxury Postpartum Centre Re'Joy Suites Opens in Singapore

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We intend to use Singapore as a springboard for our brand of postnatal care by leveraging our deep-rooted expertise in spa and wellness services to offer holistic healthcare and to set a new standard in the confinement centre industry.

SINGAPORE, June 10, 2024 - (ACN Newswire) - Re’Joy Suites (“Re’Joy”), Southeast Asia’s most advanced postpartum centre providing advanced care for mothers immediately after childbirth with a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) and modern healthcare in a luxury spa and hotel setting in Singapore, has been unveiled by the Joyre Group (“Joyre” or the “Group”).

With a built-up area of over 30,000 sqft (2787 sqm) and 30 rooms, the centre offers several world firsts dedicated to providing the highest level of ‘confinement’ care that resonates TCM philosophy with modern innovation such as acupuncture and moxibustion administered by robots and enabled with artificial intelligence.

Occupying three four-storey buildings at 3 Croucher Road, Re’Joy is within a 20-minutes’ drive to eight local hospitals, ensuring that mother and child can receive specialised care immediately after delivery.

New mums often experience post-partum symptoms during the first few weeks after childbirth.  These ‘baby blues’ can include feelings of anxiety and mood swings, crying spells and sleep disorders, which can sometimes result in depression.

Asian mothers have for millennia practised ‘confinement’ to recuperate, often with a diet that includes TCM herbs and prescriptions. These traditions have persisted even with the advance of modern healthcare, leading to a gap in the market – identified by Joy’Re – to combine East and West in a bespoke setting. Mothers can recover “sitting in” or “lying in”, depending on different cultures and ethnic origins, between 21 to 100 days.

The Joy’Re facility also offers an all-round wellness experience, including tailored yoga sessions for postpartum recovery, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, postnatal and lactation massages, and sound bathing. Mothers can also enjoy classes for yoga, dance, and water exercise, and participate in social activities such as arts & crafts, mahjong, knitting and karaoke.

Each suite is meticulously designed with functionality, ensuring every mother's comfort without compromising on style. Each room is fitted with a customised bathtub designed for TCM herbal medical post-natal baths and pull-out beds for guests.

Babies are cared for in dedicated nursery rooms with an oxygen delivery system, while parents can access a 24/7 live video feed from the suites. Additional services include baby massages, an immune therapy program as well as DNA and gut health testing for parents to better understand their child’s health and genetic make up.

Re’Joy offers three tiers of packages – Deluxe, Premium, and Platinum packages. Packages begin with a minimum stay of 28 days with customers having the flexibility to choose a stay period that fits their personal and medical needs.

Deluxe package customers will enjoy the comfort and style of Re’Joy’s Deluxe suites, each spanning an impressive 301 sqft (28 sqm), while the Premium or Platinum customers will stay in the 398 sqft (37 sqm) Premium suites, which feature additional amenities and space. The Platinum package offers the most comprehensive array of services and luxuries, ensuring the highest level of care and convenience.

Mothers will also enjoy up to five meals per day, prepared by in-house chefs. The meals are carefully curated by nutritionists and TCM practitioners, ensuring meals are delicious while supporting the recovery needs of postpartum mothers.

Re’Joy Suites marks Joyre Group’s inaugural venture into the postpartum confinement centre industry, building upon Joyre’s 19 years of expertise in providing premium spa treatments combined with TCM principles. The Group plans to expand Re’Joy’s portfolio of services to cover pre-natal care, as well as drop-off child care services.

Founded in 2005, Joyre is Singapore’s largest health, beauty and wellness Group with 14 brands and over 40 outlets islandwide offering spa services, medical aesthetic clinics, as well as healthcare and skincare product manufacturing and distribution. The Group has over 600 staff worldwide, 500 of which are in Singapore and the rest spread across Malaysia, Indonesia, China, the U.S., and Japan. 

Ms Queenie Yang Rong, the founder of Joyre Group and Re’Joy Suites said “Joyre Group is excited to offer Re’Joy Suites as a fresh yet carefully curated luxury option for Asian mothers. Our dedicated facility is ready to provide the highest level of service, relieving our customers of the heavy demands of newborn care and allowing them to embrace the joys of their new family.”  

“We intend to use Singapore as a springboard for our brand of postnatal care by leveraging our deep-rooted expertise in spa and wellness services to offer holistic healthcare and to set a new standard in the confinement centre industry.”

For more information about Re’Joy Suites, please visit or contact

Re’Joy Suites
3 Croucher Road
Singapore 359566

Email: [email protected]
Facebook: rejoysuites
Instagram: rejoysuites

About Re’Joy Suites

Re’Joy Suites is a luxury postpartum centre that combines the wisdom of the East with modern medical knowledge to provide personalised postnatal care through a holistic regime approach for mothers and their babies. Re’Joy Suites Confinement Center is operated by a team of dedicated healthcare and postpartum care professionals and offers the full suite of services including the care of medical doctors, trained nurses, lactation specialists, TCM physicians, specially curated meals, postpartum body treatments and aesthetic treatments.

About Joyre Group

Joyre Group is an internationally trusted and trailblazing brand in holistic well-being built on the foundation of science and TCM, leveraging highly professional services, quality products and technological innovations to meet the lifetime needs of a wide spectrum of consumers.  We are the pioneer and leader in integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern spa treatments and beauty aesthetics services to deliver total wellness to all while adopting a suite of Advanced Biomedical Technology. At Joyre, we believe beauty is cultivated from the inside to the outside. Our personalised treatments are designed to match everyone's body constitution and lifestyle to bring about a sense of balance and total wellness. Our finesse as an institution has garnered us several awards over the years.

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