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Dr. Ishan B. Thakkar gives insights on homeopathy medicines. He talks about new insights into engaging in hobbies to de-stress yourself. He also mentions de-stressing yourself with homeopathy and exercising with hobbies for perfect stress buster.

We at Medicircle are constantly working on bringing to our audience all the trending health-related topics. It is our primary objective to Bring to your attention news and views you need to be aware of to lead a healthy disease-free life. To help us in this regard we’d be joined by eminent and expert top doctors from across the country. Today in Doctor’s Speak we are going to talk about Homeopathy and the ways it helps you deal.

Dr. Ishan B. Thakkar is a Homeopathic doctor based in Mumbai having 8 years of relevant experience. He is now working with Harmony Health, Borivali. His areas of expertise are Gastritis Treatment, Kidney Stone Treatment, Treatment for Hairfall, Treatment for PCOS, Treatment for Hypothyroidism, and treatment for Constipation. He has been a member of the Malad Medical Association, and the Borivali Medical Brotherhood. 

Source of homeopathic medicines

Dr. Ishan B. Thakkar states, “There are multiple sources of homeopathy medicines. There are 5 main sources of homeopathy medicines which are as follows- 

  • Plants 
  • Animals
  • Mineral 
  • Diseases and healthy tissues - nosodes and sarcodes 
  • Animals 
  • Salts

The white-colored pills are prepared from sugar which is just a vehicle for homeopathy medicines. The liquid form is the actual medicine that is extracted from the source. ”

Diseases treated with homeopathy

Dr. Ishan B. Thakkar inform, “Homeopathy can treat all diseases which are medically treated like- 

  • Autoimmune disorders like RA
  • Allergic diseases like allergic rhinitis and asthma 
  • Skin allergies like urticaria 
  • Certain cases of cancer
  • Fever 
  • Infection-related 
  • Lifestyle disorders chronic diseases like BP and diabetes 

Some diseases need surgery like- 

  • Fracture at primary level 
  • Terminally ill patients at tertiary level- homeopathy works as palliative therapy.” 

Homeopathic medicines and side effects

Dr. Ishan B. Thakkar informs, “There are no side effects in 99% of patients with homeopathy medicines. There are 1 % of patients who may show a reaction in some cases. The majority of cases show no side effects. It is a relatively safer system and you do not need to take a mixture of drugs. One single medicine is enough. Many people think homeopathy is slow, but in fact, homeopathy is fast and quick in the same terms that allopathic treatment can offer. The only challenge is that the patient comes after trying all systems of medicines. Patients come with chronic cases to get treated with homeopathy.”

Homeopathic treatment and management 

Dr. Ishan B. Thakkar tells, “Homeopathy treatment has multiple aspects- 

  • In detail history
  • Medicines 
  • Dietary alterations 
  • Lifestyle modifications 

The disease is categorically classified as - 

  • 60 % - lifestyle disease 
  • 30% - Infectious diseases
  • 10 % of other diseases 

There are multiple factors in lifestyle disorders like stress. Mindset correction is also required. Homeopathy with lifestyle correction will help in treatment very well. Mental stress is a major cause of any disease. It is important to focus on meditation to relieve stress.  Inculcate a hobby in your daily routine which will become part of your meditation. Include-

  • Sports 
  • Dancing 
  • Singing 
  • Drawing 

This can result in stress and show 60 % positive results.”

Sports counseling 

Dr. Ishan B. Thakkar tells, “There are two aspects to sports counseling scenario-

  • High performing athletes which have too much stress require counseling 
  • Raw talent counseling for newcomers
  • Hunger and passion are important to stay motivated 

Performance-related anxiety can occur in cases of -

  • Frequent urination 
  • Sweaty hands 
  • Loss of grip 
  • Loss of confidence

In such cases, homeopathy helps in taking care of sports counseling. Destressing and sports with hobbies are going to come up in trend. We cannot keep stress away. Engagement in a hobby is the best way to destress. A healthy mind and body are a must for a healthy life. ”

Edited By: Dr.Rati Parwani

Contributed By: Dr. Ishan B. Thakkar, Homeopathic doctor, Harmony Health, Borivali 

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