The risk of asthma attack increases in monsoon, adopt these 5 measures to prevent

Tips for Dealing with Asthma: In monsoons, the problems of asthma patients increase a lot. In such a situation, with the help of these tips, the problems can be reduced.

As the monsoon season approaches, the problem of asthma patients starts increasing. During the monsoon season, asthma patients start having more problems like breathing problems. Many times in monsoon, due to the cold after the rains, the chances of attack in asthma patients increase significantly. At this time, problems like skin allergies and fungus also increase a lot. In such a situation, asthma patients can avoid the problems of monsoon by taking care of some things. Let us know what precautions should be taken by asthma patients to prevent asthma attacks in monsoons.

Avoid eating cold things

The weather changes very frequently during monsoon. Sometimes it rains heavily in this season, and sometimes it is sunny. In such a situation, avoid eating cold things during this season. Consuming cold things can greatly increase the problem of asthma patients. Avoid cold water, ice cream, curd, buttermilk, whey, moong dal, and other things with cold effects during this season.

Don't let dampness stay in the house

Asthma patients should keep checking the dampness in the house and walls because sometimes this dampness can also cause asthma attacks. Due to continuous rain in the monsoon, the problem of dampness in the house increases significantly. To combat this problem, try to keep the house dry.

Keep away from pets

Asthma patients should keep a distance from pets during the monsoon season. Allergies spread quickly in asthma patients during this season. Animal hair can also cause allergies, which can cause an asthma attack. In such a situation, try not to play with pets and if there is a pet animal in the house, then keep it away from your room.

Stay away from strong odors

Asthma patients should stay away from the smell of household cleaning phenyl, paint, and mosquito-cockroach sprays as they sometimes contain such smells, which can trigger an asthma attack. If your home is being renovated or has a phenyl wipe, keep yourself away from this type of smell.

Keep the house clean

Sometimes the dust particles on old things become the cause of the attack in asthma patients. These fine dust particles enter the nose, which can increase the problems of asthma patients. To deal with this problem, keep the house clean. Keep in mind that you do not clean the house yourself because even during cleaning these particles can go into your nose and your problem can increase.

Asthma patients should be very careful during the monsoon season. Take the medicines at the right time and use the inhaler. Be sure to see a doctor if you see problems increasing.

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