Top 10 ayurvedic herbs for treatment of piles.

Ayurveda has some good remedies which can work at their best for piles. So, start with this natural therapy which can help you ease the bowel movements and help relieve piles.


Another name: It is also called Indian Gooseberry 

Scientific name: Emblica Officinalis 

Benefits for piles 

Works as a laxative which helps in relieving constipation  Works as an anti-inflammatory which  helps in relieving pain  Works as an antioxidant and helps in the healing of piles. 


Scientific name : Terminalia Belerica 

Benefits for piles 

Works as a detoxifier and eliminates the toxins 
Reduces discomfort of piles  

Guggul Resin 

Scientific name: Balsamadendron Mukul 

Benefits for piles 

Anti-inflammatory: Reduced pain and swelling of piles  Metabolic effect: Boost the metabolism and softens the stools  Potent wound healer 


Scientific name : Cucurmin 

Benefits for piles 

Antioxidant: Delays the progression of the piles 
Anti-inflammatory:  Reduces pain and swelling 
Astringent effect: Helps the healing of wounds and reduces bleeding 


Scientific name : Terminalia Chebula 

Benefits for piles 

Detox: soften stools  Helps indigestion  Supports healing of piles 


Scientific name : Amorphophallus Dubius 

Benefits for piles 

Excellent source of fiber: eases bowel movements  Reduces pressure on piles  Helps in proper digestion 


Scientific name : Mimosa Pudica 

Benefits for piles 

Anti-inflammatory: Contains natural ingredient mimosine  Antioxidant action: accelerates wound healing  Anti astringent: shrinks piles mass 

Licorice root 

Scientific name: Glycyrrhiza glabra 

Benefits for piles 

Pain-relieving: Contains natural constituent glabrin and glabrene  Natural laxative  Boost metabolism 

Fennel Seeds 

Scientific name : Foeniculum vulgare 

Benefits for piles 

Digestion: stimulates digestive juices and eases digestion  Anti-inflammatory: reduces pain and swelling  Relieves constipation 


Scientific name: Sonmukhi powder 

Benefits for piles 

Potent laxative:  Ease bowel movement  Stimulates peristalsis and evacuates stools  Wound healing of piles 

Scope of Ayurveda in Piles 

If you are suffering from any kind of piles issue and have tried many medications from allopathy to conventional treatment, it is time to switch to ayurvedic medicines which can work as supportive therapy.  

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