World AIDS Day- 1st December 2022

1 December 2022 is observed as World AIDS Day. Let us check out the significance, theme, and importance of World AIDS day 2022.

AIDS is considered a lethal, fatal, and deadly disease. Today, with medical advancements, AIDS can be taken care of and controlled well. However, it is important to spread awareness about AIDS to prevent it. With this article, we, at Medicircle aim to spread awareness on World AIDS Day- 1st December 2022 to bring about a change in preventing the spread of HIV before it turns into AIDS. 

Why is World AIDS Day- 1st December 2022 observed?

World AIDS Day is observed on the 1st of December 2022 to spread awareness to prevent HIV infection worldwide. 

The theme of World AIDS Day- 1st December 2022

On 1st December WHO joins and partners campaigns globally to commemorate World AIDS Day 2022, under the theme “Equalize.” WHO aims at supporting AIDS campaigns by calling out all global leaders and citizens to recognize and address the inequalities which are holding back AIDS & HIV patients to progress and lead normal life. 

Awareness about AIDS & HIV treatment 

It is important to bring awareness globally about AIDS & HIV treatment on this World AIDS Day - 1st December 2022 to ensure that people do not fall prey to AIDS & HIV by any means. As far as treatment for AIDS & HIV is concerned, it is important to address HIV-positive cases at an early stage to prevent complications and lead to the last stage of the disease which is AIDS. 

It is important to remember that HIV-positive cases cannot be completely cured but can be managed well with good immunity levels by ensuring a healthy CD4 count and reducing viral load. When the HIV viral load goes undetectable, the patient can lead a normal, pain-free, and asymptomatic lifestyle without any complications. It is important to regulate the healthy parameters and monitor the blood counts such as HIV viral load, CD4 count, and CD8 count. 

That's not all!! It is important to continue with ART therapy which is also known as Antiretroviral Treatment under the guidance of your doctor to ensure and prevent the spread of infection. 

With the treatment, the HIV infection can be controlled allowing the HIV to stay dormant leading to the remission phase and leading a completely normal life by taking timely treatment, monitoring labs, and follow-ups with your doctor. 

HIV patients can lead a normal life 

Let us take an initiative on this World AIDS Day - 1st December 2022 to provide equal opportunities, love, care, and affection to HIV patients to help them lead normal life. It is important to break the barrier of inequality when it comes to giving equal opportunities to HIV-positive patients.

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