World Family Doctor Day, 2022 – Family doctor makes care easily accessible

The family doctor takes charge of all the health needs of the entire family. Unlike other medical practitioners who specialize in a particular disease or a specific body part, the family doctor provides comprehensive care to patients of all ages and genders.

Good health is the core importance of a happy human. Good health directly corresponds to a productive life. Unexpected illnesses can happen anytime but one feels sorted if we know whom to consult for these situations. The family doctor is a one-stop solution for all your minor illnesses. His primary aim is to keep your family happy and healthy.

Unlike other medical practitioners who hold a specialization in a particular disease or a specific body part, the family doctor provides comprehensive care to patients of all ages and genders. The family doctor takes charge of all the health needs of the entire family. Despite playing an essential role in keeping the whole family fit, it’s sad to see a decline in the numbers of family doctors. Here are some essential roles that are played by the family doctor.

Caters the whole family of diverse age groups and gender – They provide comprehensive care to the entire family. Family doctors treat a large range of medical conditions. A family includes individuals of a diverse range; thus, they get to work with infants, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, and old age. For years and years, they are in close contact with the family and hence become an integral part of the family for their whole life.

Create awareness regarding health updates – They promote preventive healthcare. They educate patients on disease prevention and health maintenance. They take charge of your overall health. They may provide stress management techniques, nutritional counseling, exercise for physical fitness, etc. In a way, they keep you updated with all the recent happenings in the world of health and fitness.

Helps in early diagnosis of emerging health conditions – Family doctors treat the family for years, they know the patient's entire medical history. So, if something uncommon comes up, they are easily able to recognize it on regular checkups. This helps in the early diagnosis of a serious disease condition. Early diagnosis helps prevent critical and advanced stages of diseases. They perform certain tests, interpret the results, give medicines, monitor the health, and further take proper actions. A family doctor is there for you at every step of your treatment – from initial screenings to monitoring the progress and cure. All members get so comfortable with the family doctor that they can easily share the unusual symptoms as well.

Helps manage critical health issues or life-threatening conditions – Suffering from chronic disease is the most painful time in a patient's life. In this difficult time, having a family doctor who provides personalized personal care is extremely helpful. They stand by you or guide you throughout your journey of recovery. 

One-stop solution for all health-related complaints – Your family doctor is a go-to person for all your common health complaints like flu, bladder infection, muscle catch, etc. Family doctors act as a one-stop solution for all your small health issues.

Benefits of having a family doctor – 

Go to solution for all your health needs – They are the go-to person for your entire family's health-related needs. Be it infants, toddlers, children, or adults, they offer their services to all age groups and genders. They can treat common health complaints like flu to serious health conditions.

Keep a record of your medical history/family history – They are fully aware of your medical history as they are the caretakers of your family for years. And family history plays an important role in treating serious chronic medical problems. By knowing the medical history, one can take appropriate precautionary measures to avoid critical conditions. Thus, they help in preventing critical health issues as well.

A reliable source of information – After specialists, family doctors are the reliable source of health-related information. Personalized care and family history act as an asset for all your medical-related problems.

Convenient and cost-friendly – A family doctor makes the process convenient and cost-friendly. With the family doctor, care gets easily accessible and affordable.

We can’t predict when a family member will get sick, it is always good to have a family doctor just a call away.

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