3rd June - World Bicycle Day – recognize the joy of cycling

Isn’t it interesting that there is a United Nations designated day for bicycles in the forefront – a vehicle that we have always taken for granted! It’s the third anniversary of the World Bicycle Day today which was established in the year 2018. Use the bicycle as a mode of exercise, to save fuel and to ensure a clean environment.

When consumerism increased, the four-wheeler became a symbol of social status. It became a sign of success and achievement. Even those who could not afford it started purchasing it in EMIs to feel like an achiever. Those who could not do so; at least started purchasing motor bikes. The poor bicycle became outdated. It is nice that the General Assembly of the United Nations designated a day as World Bicycle Day acknowledging how environmentally fit transportation the bicycle is. It is also an acknowledgement of health benefits of cycling to the user as well as society at large.

Story of Bicycle

Karl von Drais of Germany is known as the father of the bicycle as he created a steerable, two wheeled contraption. This early version of the bicycle had no pedals. A wooden beam was its frame. It’s wheels were wooden too with iron rims and the tires were covered with leather. Karl created this in the year 1817, and over the years the bicycle was known by several interesting names like hobby-horse, velocipede, running machine, draisine and swiftwalker. Some more versions of the bicycle got designed later on and instead of wood, lighter materials were used to make its frame. There were improvements in designs. Pedals got introduced and the bicycle ride became easier.

Aim behind World Bicycle Day 

The United Nations always works with the goal of sustainable development. With this perspective it has designated World Bicycle Day to foster how something as affordable, simple, clean and reliable as the bicycle has the power to do good to the health and the environment. The idea behind this day is to emphasize increased use of bicycles so that it gets adopted  as a healthy lifestyle measure for adults and becomes a physical education lesson to kids. The UN General Assembly encourages bicycle ride events at international, national and local levels to bring back more and more people to the practice of cycling so that they are able to enjoy better physical as well as mental well-being.

The World Health Organization has also emphasized cycling as the means of meeting the minimum requirements of physical exercise and social distancing during this pandemic. Ride a bicycle and be stress, fat and pollution free!

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