5 Worst enemies of a glowing skin and ways to deal with them

Glowing and flawless skin adds to your confidence level. We do not hesitate to spend money on expensive beauty products. But are you aware of the skin enemies that can damage our skin and may cause multiple skin problems? Let’s check out the list with their ways to deal with them

Aging can cause our skin to lose its glow, firmness, and elasticity. Fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and other signs of aging are unavoidable, but there are other problems for which we can take preventive measures for healthy and glowing skin. 

1. Sun exposure – A moderate amount of sun exposure is healthy. Excessive sun exposure is the main cause of premature skin aging. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage the DNA of your skin cells and lead to sunburn and associated symptoms. Prolonged exposure to these rays is a major risk factor for skin cancer.  

Remedy – Limit your exposure to the sun, especially during peak hours. You can apply sunscreen SPF 30 or more while going out in the sun. You can wear wraparound sunglasses to protect your eyes.

2. Smoking - Smoking puts both your skin and general health at risk, as it harms nearly every organ in the body. Cigarettes have chemicals that damage collagen and elastin. Cigarettes also contain nicotine that causes your blood vessels to narrow.

Remedy – Quit smoking. You can avoid triggers that prompt you to use it. It will be helpful for your general health too.

3. Stress – Too much stress can wreak havoc on your skin. Increased cortisol levels that is stress hormone can cause the sebaceous glands to produce more oil and sebum. These can also break down collagen and elastin, contributing to premature aging. 

Remedy - Try relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises to deal with stress. Take a break from your busy schedule and try to calm your mind and body with some exercise or yoga or meditation.

4. Pollution - Pollution, along with dry weather and a dusty environment, can also damage your skin. This is because it generates free radicals or unstable molecules. The free radicals cause oxidative stress, which is a process that triggers cell damage and speeds up skin aging.

Remedy – Make sure to wash your face after coming home from outside or at night to remove dirt, makeup or other impurities. Use appropriate creams and serum. You can consult a skin specialist for some good treatments or products for the skin.

5. Lack of sleep – Sleep affects your quality of skin or how you look. If you won’t sleep, your skin will not get time to repair the daytime damage. This can then give your complexion a dull, tired, and aging appearance.

Remedy – Take quality sleep of 7-9 hours at night. You can also use anti-aging creams and other products for beautiful skin.

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