6 Top Workout injuries to avoid

Read this article to know what kind of injuries people can get during workouts, what things should be kept in mind during exercise.

To keep the body fit and active, nowadays the trend of going to the gym is increasing among the people. In the absence of correct information, small mistakes made during exercise become a problem for people. 

Muscle strain

People who work out in the early stages often feel a strain in the veins of the shoulders, arms, neck, or waist. Due to this, there is difficulty in bending, getting up, or lifting anything with hands.

What to do: Usually the problem goes away gradually with practice. If the pain is severe, inform your trainer immediately.

Overuse stress

Many times people work out in the gym for a long time, due to which their whole body starts feeling severe. This problem is called overuse stress.

What to do: Do not try to do more workouts than your capacity in a single day, it causes harm instead of benefit. Gradually increase the timing of your workout with practice.

Cartilage tears

To protect the joints, soft tissues are cushioned, sometimes due to incorrect exercise, these cartilages form a crater, which is called cartilage tears.

What to do: Contact an orthopedic surgeon without delay. If the injury is deep, then repair of damaged tissue through laparoscopy is also needed.

Shoulder impingement

Some people put too much stress on the shoulder during exercise, so weak muscles get stiff. These muscles of the shoulder are called rotator cuffs. When these muscles put pressure on the bones, it causes pain and this problem is called shoulder impingement.

What to do: Don't ignore shoulder pain. Sometimes surgery is also needed with the help of laparoscopy to repair the broken muscles.

Ankle or wrist strain

Some people don't wear the right fitting shoes, so they sprain their ankles while running for a warm-up. Similarly, those lifting weights with jerks sometimes get sprains in their wrists.

What to do: Always wear the right fitting shoes and don't try to lift too much weight in the first place.

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Back pain

People who lift weights can be at risk of lower back pain or slip discs if they lift more weight than their capacity.

What to do: If you are in pain in the back, do not ignore it, consult a doctor immediately. 

(Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and should not be taken as professional medical advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other health professionals for any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.)

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