7 vitamin A rich foods for glowing skin

Vitamin A can eliminate and fight against free radicals, which in turn protects your skin from ageing.

Vitamin A helps improve your overall health by giving you better eyesight, reproductive health, immunity, good skin, teeth, and bones. A diet loaded with Vitamin A can boost your body’s function along with giving it the right strength. This vitamin is an unsaturated hydrocarbon. Forms of vitamin A are retinol and beta-carotene. The latter is an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals. In the process of eliminating fighting free radicals, it protects your skin from ageing. 

The dark pigment found in plants is due to carotenoids. Alpha, beta and gamma carotenoids convert into vitamin A. Some plant-based food items that are a rich source of vitamin A are - 

Sweet Potatoes

Eating just one sweet potato will give you 438% of your daily vitamin A need. Sweet potatoes come with a lot of fibre and nutrients that are good for your body. 


One carrot can give you 200% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin A. Carrots are a rich source of many other vitamins like B, C and K.

Green Peas

Half a cup of green peas can give you 134% of vitamin A. Green peas are an excellent source of other vitamins including vitamin B, C and K.


It is observed that a cup full of spinach can give you up to half of your daily requirement of vitamin A. Along with it, Spinach provides, vitamin K, vitamin C. iron, manganese and more.


When in season, be sure to grab the king of fruits. It fulfils 36% of your daily requirement of vitamin A. 


Papaya is a staple Indian fruit. It fulfils 29% of the requirement. The fruit is loaded with other vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that will boat your health. 


By consuming just 1 tomato would fill you up with 20% of the day’s Vitamin A requirement. Along with vitamin A, tomatoes have vitamin C, lycopene, fibre and minerals.

Do include these items in your diet and you would notice glowing skin that is unaffected by the ageing process.

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