9 Complications of Diabetes

Are you battling diabetes? Well, one thing which is true about diabetes is that it cannot be cured but can be controlled or managed well. Diabetes control is very important to avoid complications in the future.

Awareness about diabetes is a must to avoid future complications 

What are the complications of Diabetes?

If diabetes is not controlled properly, it can cause a host of problems and complications which can nearly affect each and every organ of the body. So, let us check out the details of the complications. 

Heart disease 

Heart disease is one of the common diabetic complications which may be caused by increased blood sugar levels and fat deposits in the arteries leading to blockage of the heart. It may also impact blood pressure. Checking your lipid profile, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure is important to check all the heart parameters. 


A stroke attack can be difficult to deal with. High blood sugar levels may cause numbness of arms and legs along with double vision which may lead to dizziness, vertigo, and stroke. 

Kidney damage 

If you are dealing with diabetes, a regular renal function test and ultrasonography of the kidney are a must. It is important to check for sugar and protein leakage in urine. It is important to keep creatinine, uric acid levels, and BUN under check to avoid diabetic nephropathy. 

Nerve damage 

Diabetes may cause loss of function of nerves leading to tingling numbness of arms and feet. Any burning of hands or feet should not be ignored if you are a diabetic patient. It may turn progressive if diabetes is not controlled and damage nerve in the long term 

Infection and Slow healing of wounds

Diabetes may result in the slow healing of wounds. High blood sugar levels cause high chances of infections like pyoderma when left uncontrolled. 

Eye damage 

Diabetes may damage the retina of the eye causing blurring of vision. It is important to check the blood sugar levels and keep them under control to avoid diabetic retinopathy 

Sexual issues 

Diabetes may have a major impact on sexual health. It may cause a loss of libido due to hormonal fluctuations. This mainly happens because diabetes is an endocrine disorder. 

Skin problems 

Diabetes may cause skin problems which may start itching or smaller boils. It is important to know that high sugar levels can cause a major impact on skin health.

Dental problems 

Having a sweet tooth can cause dental problems. It can cause high sugar levels which can be difficult to deal with and may cause complications of oral cavities like teeth. 

So, take an initiative and control your blood sugar levels. Ensure to keep your blood sugar levels always under check for a healthy life.

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